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Doctors Don't Want You To Know This Natural Head Lice Treatment

Almost all of us have experienced lice ourselves or someone we know, and get rid of it can be complicated and expensive. There are several shampoos that claim to do wonders, but in many cases seem to have the opposite effect. Parents will love this natural method for treating infestations easily in their children, or themselves. This natural remedy can rid your head lice in just one day. Here’s the cure for lice that you have been waiting for …

You do not need much

All you need to do this treatment are some common things that you probably already have around your home. First, you will need a lice comb, white vinegar, and some mouthwashes based alcohol. Then all you need are a few towels, a shower cap, and is now ready to start the process.

Time for application

The first step is to wash your own, or hair your child with mouthwash, and cover the hair with shower cap. Now just let it sit for an hour in order to let it fully absorb into the hair. Then coat your hair in white vinegar, and cover for an additional hour. Then wash your hair thoroughly and work lice comb through her hair. This will help keep lice from coming back because they hate the smell of mint.

Why is better than lice shampoo

One of the most compelling reasons it is that you can save 100 dollars due that in most cases already has all the ingredients. Promotes healthy hair and does less damage than traditional lice shampoo. The results are often more durable, and leaves hair fresh and scented.

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