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Doctors Confirms: This Is The First Human Death Officially Caused By GMO’S

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The first victim. Doctors confirm that the man named Juan Pedro Ramos, who died tomatoes produced genetically prom. Have them provoke a violent and deadly allergic reactions. He died of anaphylaxis.

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Medical tests in all hospitals have to do a test on citizens if they have been contaminated with any of GMOs.

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“At first we thought there had been some sort of contamination of food, contact with fish or seafood during the preparation,” said Dr. Rafael Perez-Santamaria. “It was only when we tested the tomato itself we realized that it contained some allergens commonly found in seafood. We did many different analyzes and they all confirmed that the tomato was indeed the source of allergens that killed Mr. . Ramos. “

This presents the first dead man on the planet officially that is caused from GMOs. This needs to raise the awareness of people and think about what they are buying and those who need to sell this type of product to stop doing that.

seems tomatoes that Mr. Ramos has consumed are which were not tested through all the necessary evidence.

The Ministry of Health in Spain, ordered to remove all tomatoes also classified as Mr. Ramos, and were eliminated in that 7 000 tonnes of tomatoes.

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The Ministry also issued a public statement on the death of Mr. Ramos in sending condolences to his family and adds that “require further research on the subject immediately to determine if another genetically modified food products in the European market could pose a risk to the Spanish population. ”

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