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Do You Want To Benefit From Your Cleanse? You Need To Do These 7 Things!

So you just finished cleaning … Congratulations! At this time, you feel more energetic than ever, which has dropped a few pounds, your skin problems have cleared up, your digestive tract is running smoothly and rejuvenates your mind.

But now what?

When people finish cleaning or detoxification, which is common to want to eat everything in sight. tempting treats as big juicy steaks or greasy burgers, and even the ever delicious fries call your name. In addition, you may be craving those sweet desserts, sugary that many people like. While these foods may be tempting (especially after being away from them for a while), it is important to fight the urge to eat compulsively.

Breaking its clean properly is almost as important as cleaning itself. If you want to keep the health benefits gained just not overload your body with toxins. On the contrary, you should slowly incorporate certain foods into your diet. This is also the perfect time to leave these “unhealthy” foods in your last moment!

Below I have highlighted 7 things you should do after cleaning. It may seem like a cleaning after cleaning. However, these tips are important to follow for optimal health.

1) Drinking lemon water in the morning

Drink a large glass of lemon water (hot or cold) early in the morning has many health benefits. Not only follow the detoxification of the body, but also helps digestion, it stimulates the immune system and rejuvenates the skin!

2) Eat bland foods

Raw food can be difficult to digest. For this reason, try to eat vapor or pureed vegetables for the first and second day after cleaning.
In addition, once you finish your detox or cleanse it is great to keep the juices. Since the fresh juice is easier to digest than whole foods, which allows your body to absorb more nutrients.

3) If you plan to re-enter the meat in your diet, do it slowly

When the detoxification or cleansing, one thing people do is cut the meat. Since meat can be hard to digest, be sure to introduce into your diet slowly. After three or four days after cleansing, start reintroducing steamed fish, chicken and / or eggs (if you eat these foods). Wait 5 or 6 days after cleaning reintroducing red meat.

When it comes to eating meat (and all produce for that matter), health professionals recommend going organic!

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4) Eat smaller meals

not stress your organs and digestive system eating heavy meals immediately.

5) avoid overloading your body with added sugar, gluten, soy and milk products

A diet high in sugar completely reverse the benefits of cleaning. Did you know that sugar is linked to poor intestinal health, inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and the list goes on. Click here to get 7 tips to reduce added sugar in your life!

Along with avoiding sugar, do not immediately jump back to eating dairy products, soy or gluten. dairy products, soy and gluten are all common food allergens that can be rough on your system and promote digestive problems.

If it is necessary to introduce dairy products and soy in your diet, wait 5-6 days after cleaning to do. We recommend cutting gluten from your diet completely. Click here to find out why !

6) Stay hydrated

Hydration in the key to good overall health! Water helps remove toxins from your body and keeps your digestive system running smoothly. Click here for tips to stay hydrated !

7) Taking probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria that help stay healthy! Probiotics have been shown to do the following:

  • improve digestion
  • help relieve IBS and colitis
  • help relieve constipation and diarrhea
  • relieve stomachaches
  • Improve health intestine after antibiotics
  • stimulate the immune system
  • to prevent and treat urinary tract infection
  • Boost Mood
  • improve acne
  • manages and prevents certain skin conditions such as eczema

Along with the consumption of foods rich in probiotics ( it click here for a list of foods ), it is recommended to take a daily supplement of probiotics!

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