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Do You Realize What You Have Eaten When Cooking Food In Aluminium Foil?

Do You Realize What You Have Eaten When Cooking Food In Aluminium Foil? alu-foil-cooking

Many people in the world aluminum foil for wrapping using your food while it is cooking. But did you know that cooking food wrapped in foil in the oven can be dangerous? This is because aluminum is a toxic substance that can harm you and your family. Therefore, if you are using this type of cooking method – you need to immediately stop

Too much exposure to aluminum can damage your body with harmful toxins.. The body has its own detoxification system that can flush out all harmful toxins, but sometimes even the healthiest has its own limits. According to the Mount Sinai Hospital, aluminum generally accumulates in the human body and eventually can cause aluminum poisoning.

The most common symptoms of aluminum poisoning are: muscle weakness, bone pain, convulsions and confusion. And we can also say that growth and developmental delay is a common problem among children suffering from this type of condition. Anemia, health problems for the respiratory organs, diseases of the brain and nervous system – all these health problems can be caused by aluminum poisoning. A recent study has found that embryos exposed to this type of metal can develop abnormalities and defects.

aluminum Where is this?

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aluminum metal found in the earth’s crust. Our bodies do not need this type of metal to function properly, but is usually found in food and medicines we use every day. For example, when we take more suction or any other prescription or vitamin supplements, the risk of aluminum toxicity is increased. We can also mention that aluminum is present in almost all dishes and some of the food we consume daily. Therefore, if you practice this method of cooking and can cook food wrapped in aluminum foil, aluminum then penetrates deeply into it, food poisoning and eventually your whole body. This is a common condition, aluminum poisoning in people who are working with high exposure to this metal.

How to prevent aluminum poisoning?

Our body can process this type of metal in small quantities, but should definitely avoid. You need to use and consume food items that do not contain this type of metal. And if you are using aluminum pots and dishes, replaced immediately by made of cast iron. And most importantly – should never be fried or wrapped in foil baked food. Also, try to avoid processed and packaged foods, as many food companies use aluminum as a food preservative.

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Always eat fresh, organic food and raw vegetables. Just follow these simple tips and advice and you will be able to prevent the poisoning of aluminum. We really hope you enjoyed this post, and please share with your friends and family. Thank you.

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