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Do You Know When The Best Time To Get Pregnant Is?

Trying to conceive? Here is how you can track your most fertile days up your chances of conceiving!

For some women, pregnancy is as simple as having sex and having a baby nine months later. Some women even get pregnant the first time they have sex at all.

For others, it’s a real science to have a baby. You can try and try, but still nowhere, and there’s a reason why I wanted to explore with you, why do not you may be preparing for success.

is not an old wives tale ‘you get pregnant when you have sex at the time, but that’s not necessarily true.

What you really need to worry about is when you start to ovulate. I know you probably know that already, but you have to repeat and deepen the subject.

ovulation and How to Decipher your code!

Ovulation is the day when the egg is released from one of her ovaries and approximately two weeks after the first day of your last period (based on a 28 day cycle) occurs. For women with irregular periods, ovulation can be a bit difficult to pinpoint.

Indeed, ovulation can be difficult to figure out, no matter what your cycle is similar, but there are some ways to find out, at once simple and not so simple.

indeed, I would recommend looking at all this instead of just one in particular. The more you understand your body changes when you ovulate, and the more you will be able to identify when it does!

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7 tips for tracking your ovulation

  1. do based on the mathematics of the above formula ovulation cycle
  2. look for signs of increased vaginal mucus : .. mucus at ovulation looks like raw egg white, sticky
  3. Bulletin basal body temperature ie using your temperature when waking up early in the morning, and cartography daily. After ovulation, the temperature can rise up to 0.2 degrees Celsius
  4. Check your cervical position -. When ovulation approaches, the cervix softens and opens to allow the sperm to the egg that was released. You probably have your partner on board for this check, since it is not very easy for you to see this change.
  5. Cramp A “Mittelschmerz” that occurs on one side of the lower back during their cycle.
  6. A short period of regular libido increased during the month.
  7. If you want to take the guesswork, using kits ovulation predictor (OPK).

Some women know when they are ovulating because of these simple signs and can say during any cycle period. Other women find the most difficult to reach and require signs OPK and the help of a doctor to find out if they really are ovulating.

I pregnant while Ovulating

Having sex while ovulating is the best way to ensure a pregnancy, but remember that there are no guarantees. Having sex during ovulation window is simply the best way to increase the chances of pregnancy.

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If you do not know when you’re actually ovulating or can not understand because of irregular periods, the best course of action is to have sex every two days to ensure that no sperm is always feasible in the fallopian tubes, but this kind of commitment can be an unpleasant, difficult and unwieldy experience.

To reduce this number, figuring out your ovulation cycle is vital!

Women usually have a window five day when it comes to sex during ovulation. Women are most fertile during a period before ovulation and the day after the egg is actually released.

When it is discovered the day you ovulate, having sex twice or more relationships during this window ups your chances of conception.

If you happen to have an irregular cycle, the timing is not as accurate. When you notice that your vaginal mucus building up, it may be the best time to have sex to ensure a pregnancy, but many women find success having regular sex every two or three days during cycle period.

In any case, to a maximum their chances of conceiving, you must learn to track when you are ovulating!

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