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Do You Have Warts? Here Is How To Remove Them Forever!

skin fibroids are often called warts but can be removed due to aesthetics or because they cause inflammation. The difference is that they are not birthmarks.

Some people want to remove warts face and body, due to aesthetics. However, older people often tips should not touch warts, because it is dangerous and is why many people are afraid to risk. It is completely secure his removal?

Initially should make a difference between the wart virus, the infectious warts, warts that can result from HPV and skin fibroma. The above should be treated medically

-. An example of warts that may appear (similar to soft firomas) in the armpits are called filiform warts. These warts are prone to virus spreading.

If their numbers increase in size, it is time for their removal. Perhaps the reason is appearing skin care that provides your body. Maybe you take showers too often, maybe they are the result of a process of hair removal, maybe they appear because you sweat a lot.

dermatologist or surgeon must decide what is best for you to do. Depending on their nature, probably you should not completely eliminate just make them smaller, perforate etc. cryotherapy or treatment with liquid nitrogen is the most common method of removing them.

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Try to educate yourself as much as you can about the form of treatment, scars, the time required for the regeneration of the skin after surgery and the cost of the whole process.

natural medicine

From ancient times to treat warts fresh celandine juice (Chelidonium maius L.) or tincture to be applied twice a day on the wart using


since 2002 a group of scientists have been trying to examine the benefits of tape and liquid nitrogen in the process of removing warts. After two months of daily use of tape and the use of stone for the removal of dead skin once a week realized that in 85% of patients, the warts are gone.

Furthermore, freezing with liquid nitrogen extracted about 60% of warts. The experts concluded that the burly tape causes irritation and thus stimulates immune stations in our body to attack the wart. Moreover, it is possible that some chemicals tail could have positive effect

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