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Do you hate floating screenshot in macOS? Here's how to get rid of it: Macworld

When you take a screenshot on macOS in Mojave or Catalina, a small thumbnail appears in the lower right corner of the screen for a few seconds. Click on it and a small editing set will appear that allows you to modify what you captured or delete the image or images before saving them. (We have a complete guide to use this marking tool).

However, if you don't want that thumbnail, you must know exactly where to change the settings. It is not found in any System Preferences panel, and Mojave removed Grab, the old independent screen capture utility built into macOS.

Instead, you must invoke a screen capture mode to change the associated settings. You can press Command-Shift-5 or start Apps> Utilities> Screenshot, the not enough application that replaced Grab.

mac911 disables floating screenshotIDG

Deselect the floating option.

Click on the Options button and deselect Show floating thumbnail. That's! You can also change the default location for saving images and set a delay for screenshots and video captures.

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