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Do You Defrost Food by Putting It in the Fridge or Leaving it Out? If So, You’re Doing it All WRONG

Are you defrost food by Put in the fridge or omission? If so, you’re doing it all wrong

September 30, 2016

food freezing is a convenient way to save him, but the thawing can be a nuisance. Scientists say that most people are “not aware” of the correct method of thawing.


Most of us tend to leave in the fridge all day or quickly burst in the microwave – but we thaw our food from all evil according to Norwegian scientists


Susanne Ekstedt, a researcher at the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Gothenburg, says the best way to do this is to use water.

We recommend placing the food in a sealed plastic bag and then soak it in cold tap water.

will have to change the water every half hour to make sure it stays cold enough.

Never use hot water as this can cause the outer layer of the food to heat up to a temperature where harmful bacteria begin to multiply.

Once the food is completely defrosted, you will need to cook immediately.

Susanne says: “This is something scientists have known food to be true for a long time


“But this knowledge is limited mainly to the food industry. Most people do not seem to be aware of it.”

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Bjørg Egelandsdal, a professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, added: “There has never been any good scientific evidence behind the advice that food should be defrosted in the refrigerator


“Perhaps the idea behind this advice is that defrosting the refrigerator is more hygienic.

“It is true that meat and other food products should be stored in the refrigerator if thawed, but it is definitely better to thaw food quickly in water if it is to be used immediately.”

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