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Do THIS to get rid of moths in your home

How to get rid of moths is a question that many owners ask from time to time. Most likely, most owners have come into contact with a moth that hides in their closet or food. According to the British Pest Control Association, there are approximately 165,000 species in the world, and many species of moths are domestic pests. Small insects easily enter your home through doors or windows. And although they are small, they tend to measure around 2 mm, however, they can be as large as 300 mm wide, once in your home, these destructive pests can cause serious damage to your food and fabrics.

Recently, it was reported that the number of moths in the United Kingdom had increased due to low-temperature washes, allowing eggs to remain alive in clothing and hatching.

Experts in pest control and property care Rentokil revealed that there was a 110 percent increase in calls for clothing moths from April to May this year and a 60 percent increase from May 2014 to May 2018.

Other reports suggested that the increase in moths could be due to people not wearing clothes for long periods of time and leaving them in their closet.

So how can owners get rid of domestic moths?

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According to Nigel Blades, preventive conservation consultant for the National Trust, the main way to get rid of moths is to clean regularly.

"That can often be enough," he told The Guardian.

β€œIn some cases where we need to go beyond that, we use a commercial product called Constrain, which has a residual effect for several months. We use that to treat corners and cracks where moths would like to hide. "

Following these cleaning steps, owners could eradicate their moth problem:

Deep cleaning

Once the problem has been identified, dispose of infected materials. Unfortunately, the best way to stop an moth infestation is to throw away all contaminated products, especially food.

Clear the cabinets and throw away the garbage bags immediately, then disinfect the surfaces with an antibacterial spray. There are many over-the-counter products that can be purchased specifically to kill moths.

If it's moths, put the affected clothes in a wash with hot water. Dry cleaning is also known for cleaning clothes.

Vacuum cleaning

Once the garbage has been thrown, the next step is to vacuum everything.

Speaking to Telepgrah, Stuart Hine, an insect expert at the Natural History Museum, said: "Vacuums are the worst enemies of moths. They don't like discomfort, so open your cupboards once a month and shake everything. Do the same with carpets: move furniture and clean under cabinets and tables. ”

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It is important to remember to get rid of the vacuum bag immediately, as it may contain eggs, which is the biggest problem when it comes to getting rid of domestic moths.

Houseflies are another species that tends to affect owners, particularly with the change in climate.

Express.co.uk recently revealed how stopping common practices could help ease your home from annoying pests.

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/1168613/property-how-to-get-rid-of-moths-number-uk-rising-tips

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