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DO THIS BEFORE SLEEPING: It Helps You to Sleep Better and Live Longer!

According to The Daily Mail , scientists recommend taking all electronics of your room in order to reduce the chances of serious diseases like cancer.

in addition, the removal of all sources of artificial light during sleep can significantly reduce the harmful effects it has on our biorhythm. Scientists link with serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, depression and obesity.

In the words of Richard Stevens, a researcher of breast cancer, people should begin to appreciate the dark, as it helps the brain to prepare for sleep, something that light has a counterproductive effect on.

DO THIS BEFORE SLEEPING It Helps You to Sleep Better and Live Longer!

Stevens also said to be in the dark of night is so important to health as dreams are. But while the meaning of dreams is widely accepted, the importance of darkness is being underestimated.

According to him, the proper functioning of human biorhythms are closely linked to sunlight due to the fact that influences the secretion of hormones, gene function, body temperature and metabolism. Moreover, artificial lights can lead to complete disorder.

Stevens recommend the elimination of all light sources that keep you awake from your room recommended. In case you have to get up during the night, use lights dark red because they are less intense.

Moreover, Stevens warns of damage caused by artificial street lights and house in his article published in Philosophical Transactions B Journal .

In his view, night lights intense must have the same status as climate change. It further adds that artificial lights can negatively affect children, including unborn babies. According to scientists, these lights can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that is extremely important for the fight against breast tumor.

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Research suggests that women who work night shifts have an increased risk of breast cancer. In men, night shifts are a risk factor for developing prostate or bowel cancer.

Other studies have linked artificial lights at night to diabetes, depression and obesity.

Source: be young to be green

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