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Do Really Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Many of the girls are tempted to embed silicone breasts. But this is a completely safe procedure? This is what they say about doctors.

Cosmetic surgery in recent decades seems really booming, and certainly more popular surgery – breast augmentation. In the market there are different types of implants, among which are those of silicone. But how to choose the right implant, even in the distant future does not endanger health?

Unfortunately, experts do not have a positive answer to this question. According to the latest report of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, there is no breast augmentation procedure that there are long-term risks, whether it is an implant gel or saline filled implants.

Moreover, there is sufficient number of surveys that deal in detail with the effects of the implants on the health of women, but doubts that there are great risks of various diseases.

Of course, the worst possible outcomes are breast tumors, lymph node cancer and other cancers, but there is a risk of occurrence of connective tissue disease, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases, circulatory problems , problems with fertility, uniform and mental health problems.

– There is insufficient data that could link silicone implants to health problems, but there are no adequate studies on the subject. However, regardless of the type of implants has been shown that there is little risk of breast cancer and uterus, and increased risk of lung, immune disorders and circulatory problems the cancer, the report.

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Americans are now determined to carry out more detailed studies in the years to follow as much as possible the number of women who have made aesthetic corrections, particularly breast augmentation.

Before the intervention will make a detailed family history and perform a detailed laboratory analysis, as would be detectable regularities of the onset of certain diseases and have found a possible link with embedded implants.

– hope that we will achieve gather enough data about what they could expect consequences after five, ten or 15 years from breast augmentation. So far there is insufficient evidence that the implants are harmful, but for safety, told Reuters Heath Dr. Rod Rohrich, professor at the University of Texas at Dallas.



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