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Do Fruits Lose Their Food Nutrients When Frozen?

fruit freezing allows you to consume the fruit regardless of the season. The process inevitably change the fruit flavor, appearance and texture.

Any processing destroys some vitamins. However, fresh foods also lose vitamins, especially if not handled properly, or if they sit in the market or your refrigerator for long.


But fruits lose their nutrients from food when it freezes?

You do lose some flavor when food is frozen but the nutrient content is not adversely affected by this process, which may even keep some better than fresh options specific nutrients.

While the food is grown in a form of high quality and was pretty cool at the time of freezing, the overall nutrient retention in a frozen food can be quite high.

In other words, many of the vitamins and minerals remain fairly well in frozen foods.

Studies for extra IFR have shown that the product can lose up to 45% of its essential nutrients during the journey from farm to table -. A period that can last up to 16 days

These fruits may be exposed to pesticides, extreme heat, and light during transport, which further compromises their freshness and nutritional value.

By contrast, most fruits and frozen vegetables are blanched promptly, boiled or steamed, and then frozen within hours of being elected, a process that helps retain both fresh taste and Nutritional value.

For these reasons, it is also perfectly possible to stock up at the supermarket frozen products when certain fresh foods are expensive and out of time, or can not get to eat them within a few days.

Just be careful if you are shopping for fruits and vegetables frozen to collect types with no added sugar, salt or sauces. The best are the simplest.

Do not buy packages with ice crystals or other signs of melting and refreezing. Buy frozen foods just before departure, and take them straight home.

often is economical as well as convenient to freeze their own meats, stews and other foods at home. In airtight plastic wrap or put them in a freezer container to keep the flavor and quality. Label and date which freezes and, for best quality, try to use within a few months. Keep frozen at 0 ° F (-18 ° C) food.

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