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DIY Wall Decor : Amazing Decoration Ideas with Duck Quilling Pattern

art Quilling is one of those ways to decorate your home and create DIY wall decor that can be used widely for various other purposes. bird designs and tubular paper quilling are rapidly gaining momentum in the craft world.

art Quilling and Quilling Craft Ideas lately have also been a favorite among children as a quilling art easy project for children takes less time and quick returns and results colors. Quilling craft ideas can be anything from making a wall decoration DIY wall frames using quilling art to create designs for elegant home decoration Quilling.

How to Make a DIY Wall Decor Using Bird Quilling Pattern?

How to Make a DIY wall decoration with bird pattern Quilling?

Along with the Quilling tutorial we have prepared, we will have a detailed look at How to make a multicolored duck DIY wall decor Quilling use art.

The material you need to create a fabulous wall decoration DIY Quilling use art


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard
  • Scale
  • Quilling strips
  • Shone paper
  • Colored papers

Do you know how to make Paper Craft Wall Easy Using best out of waste? Let’s take a look here …

I step by step method to create DIY wall decor

. Step 1: art Quilling Start with a cardboard dimensions of 45 cm by 28 cm long by wise width respectively


. Step 2: Take paper gloss white and black A4 and glue them on cardboard using glue and make cardboard look white and half black half lengthwise, as shown above

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Step 3: Now, take a quilling strip pink and with the help of a quilling needle to a closed ring. Give the shape of a tear drop and make spiral-shaped teardrop in multiple colors of sky blue, cyan, baby pink and saffron.


Step 4: Start gluing the coils teardrop in the form of a duck gives an outline pin coils baby, and continue with the second half of colors of blue sky, green mint and saffron


Step 5: Click multiple coils in tears medium sized pink and cyan blue and aqua pink and paste them into the body of the duck. Closed coils placed near the region of the dog’s neck.

Duck-quilling-easy-craft-idea Duck-quilling-paper-craft-ideas

Let’s see here how to make a vibrant peacock feather Paper Quilling using …

Step 6: allows us to provide a natural backdrop for our beautiful double duck adding shading leaves around. Join 2 strips quilling, dark green and sap green and make a closed ring. Loosen up a bit and give it the shape of a leaf tapering from one end. Make multiple sheets of combining different shades of green.


Step 7 :. Organize and paste these leaves both on the side of duck in a plant as a pattern

Step 8 :. Make a small, tight spiral of black color and make the eye duck and other black conical coil like beak Duck

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Step 9: Take a quilling strip orange and make an S-scroll at one end of the strip. Add the thermocol and coils balls shaped teardrop double shaded to beautify the duck even more.


And there you have absolutely ready to frame handmade quilled bird in the form of a multicolored duck Quilling technique using . This colorful bird looks so beautiful that can charm anyone!

When doing your quilled bird? Send us your photos and leave your valuable comments to let us know your talents!

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