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DIY Stuffed Toys : How to Make DIY Cat Craft Using Socks for Kids?

Soft toys are a favorite for all of us, especially for children. We all crave to decorate the rooms with toys stuffed animals as they look cute and pretty. For children, it is the best and most fun toy to play. Fillers animal toys can be easily purchased in stores; however, they are expensive and lack the personal touch. Have you ever thought about making your own DIY toys? A stuffed homemade can be as simple and beautiful as you want it to be. The process is simple and easy with a simple step by step procedure.

DIY Stuffed Toys

Consider the simple step by step process for the manufacture of this type of DIY toys!

What is needed for DIY toys


  • Socks
  • stuffed toy (cotton)
  • colored paper
  • needle and thread
  • pen sketch
  • Accounts eye toy
  • wire ships
  • Color pencil
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • gold beads

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Procedure Step by step to ship cat wearing socks

. Step 1: Draw the outline of a cat’s body at the bottom of the socks


Step 2 :. Sew the contours of your drawing using a needle and thread

Step 3 :. Now cut the socks on the outline of her sewing


Step 4 :. Make a small cut in the middle to insert the filler

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Step 5 :. Now insert the cotton stuffing small space to the shape of the cat’s body

Step 6 :. Sew the gap has made to fill


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Step 7 :. Now draw the shape of a cat face on the front of another sock and sew the outline as it did for the previous

Step 8 :. Cut socks in the form of cat face

Step 9 :. Insert stuffing cotton wool cutting face shape cat and sew to wrap


Step 10 :. Now sew and fix cat’s face to the bottom of the cat’s body


Step 11 :. Take another sock and draw the shape of a tail on it

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Step 12 :. Sew the outline of the tail and cut it in that form

Step 13 :. Fill the filling material and wrapped

Step 14 :. Coser and attach the tail with the cat’s body


Step 15 :. Now draw the shape of the mouth of the cat on a colored paper and cut

Step 16 :. Now take a brown paper and cut thin strips

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Step 16: Apply some glue and glue the mouth-shaped cut on the face. Also glue thin strips as close to the mouth mustaches.

Step 17 :. Place gems like cat eyes

Step 18 : Take a craft wire and insert the beads of gold in it. Correct them pearl necklace around the cat’s neck.


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There you go! Its nice toy stuffed cat is ready. You can choose different animals or different shapes for soft toy scheme. You can surprise your child with this beautiful soft toy. You can also either gift of his being this toy cute teddy loved. Now you no longer need to run to the store to buy expensive toys stuffed toys. This simple procedure will allow you to make as many as you want with very little effort and time.

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