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DIY Room Decor with Awesome Paper Quilling Art

art lovers often tend to think about thinking in terms of how to make beautiful wall decoration Quilling using the technique. This decoration DIY room covers several simple designs, quilling paper flower. Amid all this when it comes to finding an easy to Quilling for beginners, flowers and leaves are the best option one can go for.

Quilling designed for DIY room decor need to look attractive and lead an artistic and majestic appearance. Apart from being a fun craft paper craft is an art that requires a lot of patience. Quill design tapestries look beautiful when placed in the focal point if the living room.

The Art of Quilling for room decor beautiful and impressive to see yourself living room.

DIY Room Decor With Awesome Paper Quilling Art

DIY decoration rooms with impressive Art Paper Quilling

Let’s take a look at how the room decor DIY work using Paper Quilling Pattern bind. Here is the video tutorial –

Material needed to make decoration flower wall

Things you need for diy room decor

  • Scale
  • Quilling strips
  • Needle Quilling
  • Adhesive

If you like to do art paper at home Let’s take a look at How to Make an Easy Wall Paper Craft

procedure for DIY room decor with art Quilling

. Step 1: Take a thermocol sheet cut it into the size of 30 cm on each side, giving it a square thermocol

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How to Make Flower Quilling?

Step 2: To begin with, adjacent to an orange band 3-4 strips to make a long double strip Quilling shaded. This will give a coil double shadow.

. Step 3: Take Quilling needle and make tight coils with it and hold the end of the coil with an adhesive

Step 4 :. Push the initial coils a bit to give a coil design as shown previously

Step 5 :. place it in the center of the sheet and stick with an adhesive

Diy Quilling Coil

Step 6 :. Take a strip of Quilling and make multiple cut out many small strips of 7 cm each

Step 7: Take yellow stripes Quilling and make several tight coils of each. Make some large and some small.

Diy Quilling

Let’s take a look at how to make a beautiful and vibrant peacock feather using Quilling art.

Step 8: Now take the orange strip and stick with the adhesive strip quilling keeping upright. a tight coil on the end yellow petal adhere.

Step 9 :. paste a second small petal near the first one, in a similar manner

Step 10: Making flower pattern so that all its petals look uniform, even after being of different sizes. Strategically paste tight coils of yellow in the middle, to give an appearance of design pattern Quilling.

Diy Quilling Frame For Room Decor

Step 11 :. Video above shows three different levels of the completion of the flower

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