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DIY Origami Flowers : How to Make Kusudama Paper Flowers!


When we talk about origami flowers, learning how to make paper flowers easy Kusudama is the best idea of ​​DIY project at home that you can use. Aside from being a great DIY project for children, it’s an easy idea of ​​art paper impressive for beginners.

Do it yourself Crafts have lately been a pretty thing among people who enjoy making paper crafts easy at home. easy paper flowers tutorials for beginners is something that is sought after by art lovers. Kusudama – being a technique of folding paper old is one of the most convenient ways to learn how to make paper flowers at home. From school projects for children to adding beauty and grace to your decor, these easy paper flowers serve all purposes.

Beautiful & Super Easy DIY Kusudama Origami Flowers!

Let’s see how to make this beautiful and super easy DIY Kusudama Origami flowers!

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We bring to you a special step and tailor-step tutorial on how to make paper flowers DIY easy Kusudama. Let’s see the video to make this beautiful and super easy DIY origami flowers.

Material needed to make Kusudama Origami Flowers

Easy-diy-kusudama-origami-flowers Diy-kusudama-origami-flowers

  • Colored paper
  • Scale
  • Crafty glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Crepe Paper
  • Cotton
  • Craft Wire
  • Sequins
  • Topic
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Procedure for making paper flowers Kusudama

. Step 1: Take a square piece of paper and fold diagonally to form triangles overlapping

Easy-diy-origami-kusudama-flowers Origami-kusudama-paper-flowers

. Step 2: Keep the center of the crease as their marking, fold the paper to form small triangle

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. Step 3: This paper will give you a diamond-shaped opening with two flaps


Step 4 :. Fold the triangle outward to give open triangles with flap


Step 5 :. Returns to bend the triangles on both sides

Kusudama-flowers-diy-crafts Kusudama-flowers-diy-decor

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Step 6 :. Paste both sides of the triangles together to form a petal

Kusudama-flowers-diy-home-decor Kusudama-flowers-diy-room-decor

Step 7 :. Click 8 similarly said petals


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