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DIY Homemade Steam Inhaler With Essential Oils

Homemade Steam Inhaler

Steam inhalation is one of the natural remedies more effective for cold. In cleaning of clogged sinuses, which helps in relieving breathing. In addition, steam essential oil added to hot water helps in the treatment of sinus infection. The essential oils used to prepare the steam inhaler made at home are readily available at any grocery store or herbalist. The website vicariouslyvintage.com shared a steam inhaler homemade recipe made with peppermint, eucalyptus, sage and rosemary essential oils. Add a few drops of each of these essential oils to boiling water and inhale the steam through the nose and / or mouth. This is a safe remedy that can provide quick relief from sinus infections and cold.

Vicariouslyvintage – steam inhaler homemade DIY with essential oils

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