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DIY Crafts : How to Make Easy DIY Crepe Paper Roses?

Everyone loves roses. Roses are considered the king of all flowers are the perfect choice for each and every one of us. Roses are perfect for any occasion offer either a birthday, a romantic date or a wedding. In addition to offering someone special, it can also be used to decorate your own home . But roses are expensive, are not they? You can not afford to buy them every time no matter how much we love them. There is an easier alternative to this problem by making your own DIY crepe paper roses at home.

Easy DIY Crepe Paper Roses

All you need are a few craft materials and a simple step by step procedure for DIY crepe paper roses at home.

Let’s learn the tricks useful for making easy crepe paper flowers DIY in a few minutes!

What is needed


  • Crepe paper (different colors)
  • stuffed with cotton wool
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Rule
  • Scissors
  • Topic
  • wire ships

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Procedure Step by step to make DIY Crepe Paper Roses

. Step 1: Cut a red paper pink crepe or pieces measuring 12cmx12cm

Step 2 :. After cutting the pieces of paper crepe measure 8cmx8cm


. Step 3: Now fold the piece of paper cut into triangular shape and make a cone

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Step 4: Insert stuffing and craft wire cotton wool and fasten with a thread to form a cocoon like shape. Make several of these outbreaks.


Step 5 : take another crepe paper and cut pieces measuring 7 x 5.5 cm

Step . 6: Fold these cut pieces together and cut the edges in a triangle

Step 7 :. Stretch the pieces of paper to obtain a form of rose petals and the petals curl at the edges


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Step 8 :. Glue these petals around the yolk to make a flower


Step 9 :. Now take a green crepe paper and cut into pieces 8 × 5.5 cm

Step 10 : Now make zigzag cutting edge of these individual cut pieces of paper



Step 11 :. Paste is formed around the bottom of the pink


Step 12: Now cut a long strip of green crepe paper and paste in the craft wire to completely cover



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There you go! Their crepe paper roses are ready. You can choose different types of colorful crepe paper to make your roses are more special. You can order gift to your loved one on any occasion. You can also use them to decorate and decorate your own home. You do not need to invest in expensive real roses. These crepe paper roses are an accurate alternative to real roses and give the same attraction that is looking out for!

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