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DIY Bracelet : How To Make Beaded Friendship Bracelet?

Each individual is crazy doll accessories especially bracelets and prefer to use decorative luxury for every occasion. Once a year, special occasions like friendship day and Raksha Bandhan give us the perfect opportunity to do so. friendship day bands are the latest fashion and very popular among young people these days. All we rush to the shops to pick bands unique friendship and luxury gift our loved ones. You ever thought about exploring your creativity and make friendship bracelet DIY day at home? Yes, you can make cute and unique friendship day bands at home using simple accessories.

Beautiful Beaded DIY Bracelet Accessory!

Beautiful DIY beaded bracelet accessory!

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Let’s see the video tutorial to make friends with DIY beaded bracelet?

What is needed


  • decorative beads
  • rings jump
  • Scissors
  • “S” hook
  • Needle
  • Topic
  • Beads

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step by step procedure Making a DIY beaded bracelet

. Step 1: Take a needle and thread knitting and decorative beads in it

. Step 2: weave a large decorative stone or a pearl in the center of

. Step 3: Now repeat the process and weave the beads on the opposite side

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Step 4: Make a pattern design loop starting from the end to the center. Do the same on the opposite side of the large decorative stone.


Step 5 :. Finally tie the knots at both ends and fix the end of the bracelet


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Step 6 :. Now insert the chain jump rings in the last pearl bracelet

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Step 7 :. Then the “S” is introduced into a hook at either end of the jump rings


Step 8 :. His beautiful bracelet, you wearing pearls is ready


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There you go! Its unique and beautiful beads are ready. You can choose different colored bands or stones for each bracelet, a different aspect. You can also use the elegant labels written in the center of your bracelet. Now make your day even more special friendship with these bands of friendship with beads single day.

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