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Ditch sausages and milk for a 'longer healthier life'

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if we replace animal to vegetable protein in our diet, we can add years to our life expectancy

in a pioneering study, scientists have discovered that if we replace animal to vegetable protein in our diet, we can add years to our life expectancy.

Animal protein-rich foods include all types of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products like milk and cheese. Plant sources of protein, on the other hand include things such as cereals, beans, nuts, legumes, soya beans and bread.

In the larger study, researchers found that three percent increase in calories from protein plants reduced the risk of death from all causes by a staggering 10 percent.

In particular, is associated with a 12per cent lower risk of death from heart disease.

In contrast, raising the animal proportion of protein calories percent 10per led to two percent increased risk of death from any cause and eight percent more likely to die of a heart. problem

chief scientist, Dr. Mingyang song, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA, explained. “Overall, our results support the importance of protein sources in the diet of health outcomes long term

“While previous studies have focused primarily on the total amount of protein intake – which is important – from a broad perspective of diet, food in particular that the people will consume for protein are equally important.”


When The selection between the sources of animal protein, fish and chicken are probably better options

He added: “Our findings suggest that people should consider eating more vegetable protein than proteins animal, and when they do choose among the sources of animal protein, fish and chicken are probably better options. ”

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coronary heart disease (CHD) remains the main murderer in the UK.

is responsible for over 73,000 deaths in the UK each year. Approximately 1 in 6 men and 1 in 10 women die of heart disease

In the UK, there are an estimated 2.3 million people living with heart disease and around 2 million people affected by angina -. The most common symptom of coronary arteries. disease

British Heart Foundation gave a cautious welcome to the new study

Victoria Taylor, senior nutritionist at the British Heart Foundation, said. “There is much talk about whether our diet should be rich in protein or carbohydrates, but this study highlights the importance of considering the quality of the protein foods we consume, not just quantity “

however he added: “.. although this study reported benefits to people who consume more protein from plant sources, this does not mean we have to completely avoid animal proteins

” a serving of fatty fish a week , for example, it is a useful addition to a healthy diet. However, it is a good reminder that we must ensure that we have a wide variety of sources of protein in our diet and reduce if we are eating a lot of red and processed meat.


Animal food rich in protein include dairy products like milk and cheese

“If free meals of meat seem like a step too far at this time, then simply replacing part of the meat we eat for plant proteins – things like beans or lentils – can help stretch the amount of meat or fish we eat and include more of these nutritious ingredients in our diets “

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extensive recent study found that the greatest risk of death linked. animal protein consumption was more pronounced among people who were obese, had a history of smoking, drinking heavily, and he did little exercise

among healthy participants, the association disappeared -. possibly because people tended health conscious eating more fish and poultry instead of red and processed meat, the researchers said.

Replacing red meat processed vegetable protein was associated with a 34per cent lower risk of death from all causes for every three percent of calorie intake.

substituting vegetable protein for eggs led to a reduction in the percent death 19per risk.


Plant sources such as cereals are excellent for your health

Scientists study concluded. “The substitution of vegetable protein for animal protein, especially processed red meat, may confer health benefits substantial

“therefore, the public health recommendations should focus on improving protein sources.”

the researchers analyzed data from two large US studies focuses on diet and health, the health study of nurses and health professionals -up study.

together, enrolling a total of 131.342 participants with an average age of 49 whose progress was followed for a maximum of 32 years. Each participant completed dietary questionnaires detailing their diet.

During the monitoring period more than 36,000 deaths were recorded. Almost 9,000 of them were due to cardiovascular disease, 13,000 cancer and about 14,000 to other causes.

findings of the new study are reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

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