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Distinguished are 4 types of belly – Find your types and way to get rid of it

How get rid of extra inches or n the waist when you start with the diet, you first need to know what is the reason that you have accumulated fat in that area.

In the image below you can see, there are several types of stomach and each has a specific reason.

The belly that a tire looks like

This type of stomach often occurs as a result of the long residence time in a sitting position, without any physical activity. (For those who take more time in the office in a sitting position) .In any case should not consume sweet foods because they can do a lot worse. And it is certainly the best for you to avoid alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

belly types stomach due to stress

People who are perfectionists often have a smaller, rounded abdomen, but can also occur in people who have indigestion and flatulence. To get rid of these types of stomach, stop lack of food and do not eat at fast food restaurants.

soft belly

small soft belly bulging usually associated with lack of physical activity after meals. This type of stomach occurs in people who are not physically active. After eating it is good for walking. A active lifestyle and exercise , combined with a varied diet, including healthy juices will help get rid of it.

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swollen stomach

abdominal swelling usually occurs as a result of the food that is not compatible with your body, and may have allergies to certain foods.To solve the drinks bloated stomach should have a positive effect on the digestive system consumed system.In this concrete case, it is not necessary to be more physically active, but should eat a balanced meal

photo source: http://www.rougeframboise.com/minceur/ce-que-la-forme-de-votre-ventre-dit-sur-votre-capacite-a-perdre-du-poids

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