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Discover the top 5 ways to avoid high cortisol levels and the threat of chronic stress

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cortisol (NaturalHealth365) all known that high levels of stress are bad for our health, but did you know chronic stress may result in elevated levels of cortisol We knew that can, in turn, increase inflammation and even cause weight gain?

Truth is a vicious circle and that many of us deal with on a daily basis.

The good news levels rebalance cortisol may seem an uphill battle with the amount of stress everyday many of us experience, but the truth is that the addition of cortisol nutrient reduction diet, and responding to stressful situations in a more constructive way is the key to solving the puzzle of high cortisol. (Anyone can do this)

Cortisol is a stress hormone necessary and is responsible for giving the body a boost of energy during periods of fight or flight. Naturally, cortisol tends to be higher in the morning, and should decrease – as the day progresses. However, there are many reasons that your natural rhythm of cortisol is pulled out.

When cortisol levels become out of control, and adrenocorticotropic hormone signals adrenals to pump excess cortisol, various health problems begin to emerge. This can occur due to high levels of stress, lack of sleep, infection, or exposure to artificial white light overnight. (To name a few) The problem is that too much of this hormone can deplete your adrenals; be responsible for frequent headaches and have become hypersensitive or moody.

Too much of this stress hormone can also cause chronic fatigue decrease immune function food cravings and anxiety weight gain .

We all know that cortisol is necessary – in small quantities – for optimal health. But, when experiencing chronic stress – which is when an excessive amount of cortisol are released in the body. Why should we care? Because this excess cortisol often causes excess weight gain – ‘. Belly fat ‘especially the type called

And, as we all know, is this visceral fat is the most dangerous to human health. A study led by Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez studied more than 15,000 people who were normal weight but had large amounts of belly fat. The study found that individuals with significant amounts of visceral fat were twice as likely to die than the control group. (In short, not to ignore the dangers of chronic stress)

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The first thing to address is your eating habits. Food plays a critical role in almost all aspects of health, and cortisol is no exception. Therefore, to reduce levels of cortisol, be sure to include the elements (below) in your diet.

1. Omega 3 fatty acids Omega 3 are known to have a number of health benefits and help your body to balance cortisol levels is one of them . Research has shown that fish oil can actually help people deal with stress and, in turn, reduce levels of cortisol. a study that concluded that after a 3-week study, volunteers who took fish oil had changes in cortisol levels, heart rate and blood pressure, even made! Good food sources include :. Linseed, wild salmon and chia seeds

2. Vitamins B : Eating a diet rich in vitamins B, or is completed with a vitamin B complex when necessary has been shown to help balance the cortisol levels in the body. B vitamins have been known to support healthy adrenal function, while combating the high levels of cortisol. B vitamins have also been known to promote a sense of calm, while stimulating energy naturally making this group of related essential for high levels of stress vitamins.

To ensure that you are feeding your body with adequate amounts of these important vitamins amounts, increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin B. For example, try adding some wild fish, meats pasture-raised eggs and vegetables organic green leaves. If you are a vegetarian or have difficulty getting enough B vitamins – try to meet with high quality vitamin B complex

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3. adaptogenic herbs : adaptogenic herbs are an incredibly useful to rebalance and reduce cortisol levels naturally form. adaptogenic herbs work with your body to reduce stress by balancing hormones, and may even help reduce fatigue and promote energy. Some of the best known adaptogenic herbs are Ashwagandha holy basil, and ginseng.

Much to gain control of cortisol levels is focusing on food, nutritionally dense diet. You will have to eliminate processed foods high in trans fat, sugar and sodium and focus on foods that are going to provide your body with a lot of nutrients and energy.

1. Have a massage : Here’s just one more reason to get a professional massage. One study found that massage therapy was able to reduce cortisol levels by 31%, and increase serotonin and dopamine, at the same time! Go out and get a massage once or twice a month, your stress levels will thank you.

2. Jam out to music : Do not make it all better music? An interesting study was conducted which concluded that patients undergoing colonoscopies who listened to music before the procedure had lower levels of cortisol spikes patients who do not listen to music before the procedure. Try to listen to music before or during stress, if possible, to drastically reduce their levels of cortisol.

In summary: Suffering from high levels of cortisol does not have to be your reality. While some stress is inevitable, there are many things you can do (today) to take control of their chronic stress levels.

Focus on the diet, I make enough omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and try an adaptogenic herb, while pampering yourself with a massage and clogs our favorite music. You may be surprised to see that these small adjustments to your daily routine can make a drastic difference in your overall health.


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