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Discover The Main Differences Between Heart Attack, Stroke And Cardiac Arrest

Due to the fact that these are serious problems and anyone who may be at risk of them, then it is very important for each person to be aware and have information about the main differences between cardiac arrest, stroke and heart attack. Except for having information and be familiar with what they represent, it is also necessary to know and be warned about its various risk factors, especially those that may be reversed and stopped. This will greatly help reduce the risk of problems and sufferings of these diseases. Therefore, continue reading the article!


Heart failure: This is a problem with the electrical system of the heart

  • This is happening when the heart muscles, without giving any warning stops working and the reason is the organ malfunction.
  • This condition is caused heart’s electrical system, which went haywire, a situation that creates arrhythmia- this means no regular heart beat and to finish a cessation of the heart’s pumping activities.
  • People who have problems and suffer from this condition and who do not receive immediate treatment are in a dangerous position for this to be fatal for them in just a couple of minutes. At a time when the heart is not being able to pump blood, giving oxygen to different areas of the body-that specifically includes the brain that this position is being damaged and disrupted work, a situation that causes cell death here.
  • The condition of the heart-shaped signs and symptoms of detention such as shortness of breath, lack of response and gasping.
  • In the United States, many of the experts noted that about 360,000 cases of cardiac arrest occur outside hospital facilities each year.
  • Certain risk factors taken into account age, family history, coronary heart disease, smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, sex and history of arrhythmias.
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Heart attack: what is a problem with the blood supply to the heart itself

  • This condition occurs at times when one or more other areas of the heart fail in obtaining oxygen due to restricted blood flow.
  • A heart attack is formed due to blockage of an artery that provides blood to the body whose primary purpose is to pump blood through the body. This blocking is normally formed by the plate and the collection of cholesterol within the arterial walls, or other reason is the formation of a blood clot that somehow reached the vessels of the blood that blood to the heart.
  • For people who have problems and are suffering from a heart attack should receive treatment at the same time. If treatment the disaster will be bigger postponed.
  • The attack on the heart gives out signs such as oppression, tightness or pressure inside the chest pain that makes arms, upper back, shoulders and jaw, shortness of breath, nausea, nervousness and cold sweats. There are some women who suffer and have problems forming a heart attack and will have signs and symptoms that are mild or not exist at all.
  • Contrary to cardiac arrest, the heart does not stop to work and overcome when people have a heart attack.
  • Certain risk factors include family history, diabetes, sex, obesity, stress, hypertension, age is not a very good diet and a life where the person is constantly sitting.

Race: This is a problem that is concerning the interruption or severe decrease in cerebral blood donation

  • This occurs at a time when the area of ​​the brain can not get the oxygen extremely necessary due to the fact interruption or extreme reduction of blood flow to vital organ.
  • Stroke is mainly caused by a blood clot that has created its way to one of the blood vessels that are found inside the brain. At a time when their stays, the blood supply is stopped and cut. hemorrhagic stroke- represents another condition that is an explosion or leakage of blood vessels that gives blood to the brain.
  • If it is an emergency, immediate treatment may be essential to help and save the life of the person suffering from the race, plus it will stop any problems and complications such as say, weakness in one part of the body or paralysis.
  • Certain signs and symptoms of this condition are some pains surprisingly strong head and have no family factor causing this, loss of coordination, confusion, dizziness, speech problems and weakness and numbness of the face or a part of the body.
  • Within the United States, this condition is known as the main reason for the inability to represent a very serious and lasts very long period of time.
  • Certain risk factors are factors such as, for example, gender, family history, some previous strokes, age, race, and transient ischemic attack or also known as TIS, besides obesity, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, damage and blood disorders and diabetes.
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