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Disclosure Of Classified X-Files And Ancient Aztec Objects Found In Mexico

When thinking about the ancient civilizations that many think of the Maya, but Aztec came later in the timeline. Aztec ancestry families have been collecting artifacts and have been asked to gather for observation.

There are many helmet-shaped objects that have long faces and large eyes. Most of these were crafted of precious metals like gold and copper. Others are made of stone. These heads have also been carved carvings have what appears to be some sort of comets and ship them.


The Aztec Empire was a large and very advanced. They irrigation and cities and buildings complex. It is not known what else had given its mass genocide when the Americas were “discovered”.

When looking at these artifacts one may wonder if these carvings are authentic Aztec pieces. Although there have been carbon dated, appraisers can confidently say that these are not made using modern techniques. The glow that gives the appearance of enamel in these stones is not, in fact, a glaze, but an old way of sealing the rock. This gives a little more credibility to the pieces.

The strange thing is that many of these artifacts seem to model a modern version of a spaceship or flying saucer. In these beings that come from these boats as gods of some sort are described. Which obviously they are not “others” in the carvings are often knees at the sight of these other beings. Some are represented as angelic wings.

The sheer amounts of artifacts that remain are amazing. This purse says they have seen more than four hundred of these sizes.

Some examples of these original artifacts are presented. These would shock people more open-minded, and will undoubtedly be a topic of future research.

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