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Disappointing GMO labeling law allows food manufacturers to hide GMOs from consumers

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gmo (NaturalHealth365) is official.

Food companies are hiding the truth : If you think you will now be able to read the OGM information – clearly and legibly marked on the package – think again. The bill gives the food industry a lagoon, and is large enough for a truckload of genetically modified corn to be driven through it.

An overwhelming 90 percent of Americans surveyed say they want to see clear labeling of genetically modified foods – a clear mandate. However, this is not what holds the bill – which shows that politicians seem more concerned about corporate interests. (And money)

Instead, it offers companies the option of displaying information OGM through a QR code – the type of square bar code scannable used in airplane boarding passes. Therefore, if you have a smartphone – and if you are paid up in the plan expensive data, and the sign in the store is good, and if the phone is loaded properly, and if you are willing to draw from suddenly your mobile device to scan each food item you are considering. – Which in fact it can retrieve information

That’s a lot of “if” to get the information that should be offered openly!

The QR code is not the only strategy companies can use to prevent clear labeling . Small businesses have the option to display a telephone number – which would then have to call in order to access information GMO – or a web address. For those who do not have smartphones, which means logging in some serious time on a computer. For those without computer, which means a visit to the library before each shopping trip -. Not exactly a practical scenario

advocates food safety and physical health are overwhelmingly condemning the bill as misleading and insulting . Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food and Water Watch, compares the law to a “slap” all natural health activists who advocated for mandatory GMO labels. Other food safety advocates called the law an important victory for Monsanto the biotechnology industry and association grocery manufacturer. In fact, H. R. 1599 has already been dubbed the dark act -. Denying an acronym for Americans the right to know

According to a recent survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, only 15 percent of respondents had scanned electronic information code about nutrition or ingredients of a product in the past year. In light of this fact, predictions that 40 percent of consumers will scan your food are unrealistic.

And if 40 percent of buyers of food products do end up scanning your food? This means that almost two-thirds of buyers will still be clueless about the content of GMOs -. That is the way the food industry wants

The Environmental Working Group estimates that more than 40 percent of consumers do not, even the phones themselves capable of scanning the QR labels. Low-income, elderly and less educated consumers – in other words, the most vulnerable segment of the population – are the most likely groups to be without smartphones


Food companies, of course, do not want customers to easily access information from GMOs. Nearly half the American public says they would be less likely to buy a food containing GMOs if they knew -. What companies have a financial interest in keeping them uninformed

Of course, producers can always choose to display information in plain English OMG – but it seems a safe bet that most will not. The bill also allows companies to use another option: one as-yet-to-be designed One can only image the small dark ,, difficult to decipher that use pictogram – one that may well “universal symbol GMO”. be camouflaged by the label graphics and text.

The exact details are being developed by the Department of Agriculture, but do not expect to see the labeling of GMOs in the short term – even the food industry needs to comply with the law for another two years. And not wait to see the OGM information appears in the menu of your favorite restaurant -. Restaurants are exempt from the law, such as small businesses

Currently, 90 percent of corn, soybeans and other crops in the US It is genetically modified. And even the food industry recognizes that 75 to 80 percent of our food products containing GMOs or GMO ingredients. However, when people were asked how GM foods they had eaten in the last week, two thirds of them either do not know or did not respond they had eaten “not much” or “none” – A statistic that seems to emphasize the magnitude of the lack of knowledge of the content of GMOs to the public.

This, of course, is exactly what he wants the food industry: confusion, lack of knowledge, contradictions – all conspiring to keep consumers in the dark. People have every right to know what is in the food they are eating, and every right to refuse to buy food made from genetically modified unsafe and unnatural. With the passage of HR 1599, these basic rights and are being indisputable are being torpedoed -. The food industry has thrown labeling scam was a worthy man of the skilled folly

There is no way to be sure you are not buying GM food. Organic foods, by their very nature, can not contain genetically modified organisms. Look labeled non-GMO Project or USDA Organic foods.

The new “smart tags” are just a smart choice for the food industry – not to consumers who are supposed to protect



http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt / 2016/07/08/485145450 / Senate-pass-a-GMO-labeling-account-to-the-food-industry-size

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