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Disadvantages of junk food and fast food

The human body is a machine that should be well oiled all the time in order to function properly. Food is fuel for this machine that gives energy to function properly and helps make all necessary bodily functions. basic nutrients like vitamins, minerals, iron, fat and energy are derived from different types of food we eat throughout the day, while toxins and unwanted elements are filtered out of the body and excreted as sweat, urine and feces.

What nutrients needed by the human body?

Proteins are one of the most important nutrients your body needs. These are composed of amino acids are the building blocks of our body. Stimulate muscle growth and helps with the body’s metabolism. You can get protein from sources such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts and lentils.

  • The other most important nutrients include zinc and iron. Iron helps maintain good quality of blood in the body and is responsible for the color of your skin, nails and energy levels. Many women, especially those who are pregnant and premenopausal require iron in large amounts. Zinc is a mineral that helps improve the body’s immune system and many people end zinc deficiency due to poor dietary habits. Foods rich in iron and zinc include green leafy vegetables, cocoa, oysters and nuts.
  • Magnesium is an important mineral for the body as it controls the amount of calcium entering cells in the human body. Low magnesium leads to increased absorption of calcium and causes cramps and irritation. Good sources of magnesium include green leafy vegetables and dairy products.
  • Calcium is important for bones in the body and is present in abundance in dairy products like milk, cheese and butter.
  • Iodine is also a very important mineral that is required in smaller amounts, but the use of preservatives and processed foods is the reduction of the amount of iodine in the body. Iodine stimulates the synthesis of hormones in the body especially growth hormones and thyroid and is rich in shellfish and iodine salt for vegetarians. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the production of red blood cells in the body and comes from meat, eggs and mushrooms.

The most important nutrient for the human body is fat. The essential fats that come from animal sources, nuts and fruits like avocado helps maintain balance in the body and give a good and healthy skin, energy and good eyesight.

What is junk food?

Junk food, as the name suggests is a food that is not junk or junk for your body. The term “junk food” is used for fast food like burgers, pizzas and sweets, which is quick and easy to cook. Junk food is high in fat, salt and made with processed to improve taste and make easy cooking ingredients.

Disadvantages-of--junk-food-for-your-body-Burger In order to prepare the junk food, are added to foods with artificial flavors and usually gets through practices of unhealthy cooking as flash frying with a lot of oils and salts.

Fruits and vegetables are not always part of a diet of junk food as they are supposed to be consumed fresh and can not be modified to accommodate cooking methods easy and quick junk foods.

The food is supposed to be cooked with patience and should be served fresh. The life of any freshly prepared food is little more than a day. Failure to do home cooking is observed when filled for more than a day being pampered? So why junk food to survive for weeks in a package?

The answer is simple. Junk food is not so much the food in the classic sense, since it is a mixture of artificial flavors and preservatives. Products such as chips, candy and treats are only 30-40% food and the rest is salt, preservatives, artificial flavors and chemicals to give it longer life. So be careful! No actually it is consuming foods like junk food waste. Obviously, it goes without saying that there are many disadvantages of eating junk food. First let’s take a look at common junk food that everyone loves to eat.

List of common junk foods

Here is a list of junk food so you know some of the items most unhealthy junk food that are out there.

  • Sodas
  • Fried
  • food

  • Burgers
  • fries
  • pizzas
  • fried appetizers and microwaved
  • packaged chips
  • candies and chocolates packed
  • Cheese
  • savory snacks
  • packaged ice cream
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junk food Facts

Why junk foods have become so popular? Because they are readily available, they are promoted on television and are tasty and easy to make. Our bodies have become addicted to sugar and high salt they provide.

In addition, our style of fast and hectic life are not compatible with and slow cooking. Therefore, foods that are easily prepared are becoming more and more popular. But the consumption of junk food can be fatal in the long run! These foods contain a high amount of trans fats and sugars, which are the worst foods for our bodies. Also junk food is not health food, but is actually chemical-laden food that is more often than not created in a factory for weeks.

Many fast food chains even preparing food in their restaurants and have large factories and preparation units outside the city to prepare. The food waste is then transported in packages to restaurants where fried blinking to give an illusion of cooking and presented. The disadvantages of junk foods extend over many aspects of our lives and why we need to know exactly what you are eating.

Here are some shocking facts junk food should issue a warning and exposed to the truth of the alleged food:

The experiments have found that almost 30% of the soft drinks that were served by fast food contained large amounts of fecal bacteria.

  • The eggs found in junk food are not actually real eggs, but prepared from a mixture of egg including propylene glycol (found in gasoline), hydroquinone butyl tertiary (found in nail polish) and calcium silicate.
  • chicken products consist of chicken breeds and feeds factory with large amounts of antibiotics and chemicals to give the meat a plump appearance.
  • chips are coated with a chemical called polydimethylsiloxane, which is a coating of silicone-based plastic to help keep their color and flavor.
  • Any seed that is fried is actually composed of the ingredient which boasts either chicken or potatoes or vegetables. It consists of a pre-seed mixture containing a plastic mesh in the artificial colors and flavors are added and then thereto.
  • A link has been found between people who eat a lot of food and symptoms of Alzheimer’s unwanted.
  • Obesity rates on junk food consumers have tripled in the last decade. Only one of the disadvantages of junk food.
  • diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and arrests have increased significantly in junk food junkies.
  • A preparation of junk food with the same ingredients used to cook at home has more than twice the amount of fat and salt.

These facts are junk food not only surprising but also harmful to the body and overall health of a person. So, now we know why fast food solution is not a solution.

Disadvantages of junk food for your body

thought it was harmless, but now we are realizing how dangerous it can be for us. Who are we talking about? Yes, junk food! Read on to learn more-

Junk food contribute to many more calories in the human diet. Composed of refined products, processed foods, salt and preservatives, which are digested quickly and leave you with a feeling of being full. Therefore, we tend to eat much more and much more frequently.

addiction to junk food is being classified as a disease. Ingredients such as dyes sugar, salt and additives trigger certain hormones in the brain that promote an unhealthy relationship with food. Studies have found that the brain of an addict to junk food reacts the same way to food as a cocaine addict on a high.

Junk food is full of trans and saturated fats: They are extremely unhealthy and difficult to digest fat versions. The liver, the human body has to digest fat and when you can not do, especially with an overdose of trans and saturated fat in the diet, it starts to fail fats. Junk food has been associated with liver failure and liver disease. As mentioned above, the disadvantages of junk food are many more than we imagine.

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Cardiovascular disease is the main concern associated with the consumption of junk food. Regular consumption of these foods with high amounts of fats, carbohydrates and salts means that is clogging your arteries and heart choking. The heart can not function properly and the blood flow is blocked which causes high blood pressure, blocked arteries and heart failure.

Junk food is high in sugar and chemicals, especially sodas and sweet drinks. These foods attack the tooth enamel and causes cavities and tooth decay.

The human body requires a good amount of dietary fiber to the digestive system work properly. A junk food diet is very low in fiber and when the digestive system can not function properly, they face a lot of gastrointestinal problems.

The levels of toxins and wastes in your body continue to increase as junk food, which is deprived of fruit and vegetables, does not provide our bodies with the necessary nutrients and excretory system can not function properly. This causes toxins and fats that accumulate in the body making you feel weak and tired and more vulnerable to diseases and infections.

Weight gain is one of the most obvious disadvantages of junk foods. A diet high in sugar, salt and refined and processed foods means your body is not getting the proper nutrients and are consuming more food than necessary. This pushes the stomach and the body to absorb more of whatever food is being done and begins to store all the calories and toxins leading to eventual weight gain.

How to stop eating junk food and escape the disadvantages of junk food?

junk food addiction is like any other addiction. Here are some tips to learn to stop eating junk food and incorporatie good healthy eating habits

  • Always eat a hearty breakfast of fruit, because it keeps your stomach full and stops any urge to buy food convenient scrap.
  • Keep healthy snacks with you as nuts, fruit or a protein bar to help with the feeling of hunger during the day.
  • Drink plenty of water. You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  • Eat three meals a day and do not skip like it will only encourage splurge on junk foods.
  • include a serving of protein, carbohydrates, a little fat and lots of vegetables in their meals.
  • Try to consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, as this will increase the fiber in your stomach and stop you from feeling hungry.
  • find alternatives to junk food choice. Use a hung curd bath instead of mayonnaise, fries baked instead of fried, Greek yogurt instead of ice cream and so on.
  • Enjoy exercising or walking or any type of physical activity as most eating junk food comes from a state of boredom.

The human body is supposed to be a well-oiled machine that works for life without any creaks and cracks. This machine, however, requires a proper diet and a regimen of exercise suitable for work.

A diet rich in junk foods means your body is not getting the nutrients it needs and is working on an empty stomach, most of the time. Also is accumulating and storing fat and toxic chemicals …

This means that someone on junk food will begin to experience a number of problems. The quality of your skin and hair will begin to deteriorate in the absence of fiber and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Her nails become brittle and teeth begin to decay as the body can not provide adequate nutrients for them. Bones become brittle and weak, too. Therefore, it has been observed in many junk food junkies who can not walk well or have a constant pain in the back.

If you stay away from junk foods and eat healthy, you will notice visible changes in your body. You will not be as hungry as I thought it would be, lighter and fresher feel and you will have much more energy to do things.

So stop bingeing on burgers and start binge eating fruits and vegetables to live a healthy life!


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