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Dinkel: Ancient Spelt in the Modern Kitchen

What could learn from a nun who lived alone during the first 38 years of his life in the 12th century? And could someone tell me what is dinkel

Hildegard of Bingen , a mystical old world, was the first to establish a connection between welfare and nutrition. She believes that mental balance is the best defense against the disease. Most notable is its emphasis on emmer (or dinkel in German) for its ability to calm the nerves, lift the mood and promote wellness, giving way to spiritual welfare.

Spelt is an ancient internationally recognized for its many health benefits grain. Besides the basic nutritional value of the grain, it has been shown to neutralize gallic acid in the gut, reducing the likelihood of gallstones, lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. More recently, in November 2015, Time magazine recognized spelled as one of the 50 healthiest of all time food. Specifically, Time praised written for the combination of vitamin B2, niacin, manganese, thiamin, copper, magnesium, and amino acids.

Spelt and our moods

It is also believed

spelled (Dinkel) to stimulate the production of healthy blood cells and to promote a relaxed temperament. Modern medicine claims plant water soluble polysaccharides escanda are effective as immune-stimulating and immunomodulators. anti-tumor properties are also found in Spelt, blocking substances and attack tumor virus producing cells successfully.


whole grain spelled rolling. many health benefits Spelt include reducing inflammation.

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Due to its high content of phenylalanine and tryptophan, Spelt is believed to lighten the mood and promote a more relaxed state. These amino acids are also messengers mood inducing, transmitting neural impulses that promote satisfaction. Phenylalanine produces dopamine and noradrenaline and adrenaline. These deficiencies have been associated with depressive moods.

An ancient alternative to wheat

As an ancient grain, some consider Dinkel wheat or spelled to be the father of wheat, but more importantly is even tougher and more nutritious than wheat . An easy first step to make your kitchen more friendly Hildegard is to begin replacing its products with emmer wheat.

Unlike wheat, spelled has not changed since biblical times. Despite being one of the first grain domesticated, “agribusiness” Today genetically modified foods are not adopted spelled in its machinations, and therefore lettering has remained true to its natural form, unlike wheat, which has undergone hybridization with age. Therefore, you may call dinkel, but not dinkel wheat .

it is widely believed that farmers grew already written in 5000 BC in the region then known as Mesopotamia – now Iran. As civilizations migrated westward, he spelled moved along with them. It was not until the 1900s that described emigrated to North America and by 1910 more than 600,000 acres were harvested Spelt annually in the US by itself.

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When the industrial revolution rolled through the early 20th century, spelled (Dinkel) took a back seat to its more modern cousin wheat. By the 1970s there was virtually no spelled growth in North America, because the modern version, hybridized wheat could be harvested and processed cheaper and faster.

overall benefits of Health

In A January 1, 2006 ruling, the FDA classified spelled in the wheat family, although there significant differences between wheat and spelled , in particular the molecular structure of the protein in spelled is more fragile and soluble, allowing it to be absorbed more easily.


This is an interesting overview of the health benefits of buckwheat.

In Europe, spelled is still a popular health food , known for its flavor ‘nut’. Called ‘farro’ in Italy and ‘dinkel’ in Germany, Spelt products are much more common, but still has to compete against the preponderance of wheat products produced by the global agribusiness industry.

If you are more “practical” in handling diet – we recommend wholeheartedly, you can substitute spelled flour for flour modern “common” wheat to make bread, pasta, biscuits, cookies, cakes, muffins, cereal, pancakes and waffles.

Apart from spelled flour, Spelt is also available in the shape of whole grain hulled (often referred to as spelled berries, or berries Dinkel!) Which can be prepared and enjoyed as rice.

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