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Diet Soda Drinkers Eat More High Calorie Foods

Would you like fries with that diet soda? You are not alone, and may not “save” as many calories as you think that by consuming diet drinks.

A new study that examined the eating habits of more than 22,000 US adults found that consumers diet drink can compensate for the lack of calories in their drinks for the pleasure of eating extra food that loaded with sugar, sodium, fat and cholesterol.

The study will appear in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that 90% of people in the study consumed the so-called “discretionary foods’ – such as cookies, ice cream, chocolate, crisps and cakes -. daily, averaging about 482 calories of these products every day

in addition about 97% percent of the study population consumed at least one of the five types of drinks a day, with about 41% drink consumption of at least two of the categories. more than 25% consume three or more types of daily drinks.

Compensation and justification

While coffee and diet beverage drinkers consumed fewer total calories each day than people who alcohol or sugary drinks preferred, they obtained a higher percentage of your daily calorie intake of discretionary food – a find suggesting a possible effect of compensation, he said one “can be that people who consume diet drinks feel justified to eat more, so. reach a bun or a bag of chips “said lead researcher Professor at the University of Illinois Ruopeng An.” Or maybe, in order to feel satisfied, they feel compelled to eat more of these foods high caloric content “

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A third possible explanation could be that people choose to drink diet drinks because they feel guilty by indulging in unhealthy foods, said an

” may be one -. or a mixture of – these mechanisms. “An said.” we do not know in which direction will the compensation effect “

smart people who make dumb decisions


associations between beverage consumption and daily caloric intake differed substantially across different ethnic and cultural groups, a found. for example,

  • among people with more education and higher incomes , diet drinks and alcohol were linked with increased caloric intake, while drinks sweetened with sugar and coffee were associated with high caloric intake among people with lower incomes.
  • obese adults who drank diet drinks consumed more calories in food discretionary, like normal weight participants who drank sugar-sweetened beverages.
  • African Americans who consumed diet drinks, drinks and coffee with sugar and Hispanics who drank alcohol, had the highest daily calorie intake across all racial and ethnic groups.

In exploring associations between beverage type and quality of the diet, he found that people who consumed sugar-sweetened drinks or coffee had the worst nutrition profiles.

Look diet as a whole

switching to diet drinks may not help people control their weight if attention is not paid to the quantity and quality food they consume, An said.

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“If people simply substituting diet drinks for sugar-sweetened beverages, which may not have the desired effect because they can just eat those calories instead drinking them, “An said.” We’d recommend that people document carefully their caloric intake of both drinks and discretionary foods because both adding calories – and possibly weight -. the body “

An also recommended that public health interventions take a holistic approach. approach, encouraging people to evaluate their consumption of beverages in the context of their overall eating behavior

Source: www.nynaturalnews.com

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