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Did You Know What Watermelon Is Doing To Your Blood Pressure, Heart and Kidneys?

The arrival of summer each year also marks the arrival of one of my absolute favorite foods: watermelon. No summer barbecue is complete without slices of melon is juicy and delicious to pass around.

But in all my years of eating watermelon, I had no idea that he was actually benefiting my health at the same time!

Watermelon slices on the wooden table

Just as there are health benefits of drinking lemon water, there are a surprising number of ways that watermelon is good for you too. I always knew it was a good source of hydration, but I never expected it to be good to improve my kidney health and lowering blood pressure!

Move under an exclusive list of the nine benefits of eating a slice of watermelon every day. Now I have only nine excuse to enjoy this summer sweet favorite.Are you a fan of watermelon? You can add a little more watermelon to your diet summer? Let us know in the comments!

watermelon has long been known as a source of important nutrients.

nutrients such as lycopene, vitamin A, citrulline and vitamin C are all present in this delicious fruit, and are likely to have a positive overall effect on your body.

continue to move below to see exactly how it can benefit Watermelon his health!

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Benefit # 1: Improved skin

If you feel as if you were in a constant struggle with his own skin, or if you are looking to capture a bit additional glow, try adding more watermelon to your diet.

According to experts Curejoy.com, Vitamin A in watermelon helps promote the growth of tissue in the body, resulting in a fresh and moisturized appearance everywhere.

Benefit # 2: Promotes heart health

Anyone who suffers from heart problems or experience chest pain as any doubt you should seek medical attention righ now.

However, according to Organic Facts, lycopene in watermelon “improves heart function.”

Even more than that, “vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium help lower cholesterol and keep your heart safe from a variety of hazardous conditions.”

Benefit # 3: AIDS Kidney Health

Passing a kidney stone can be one of the most painful out there experiences, so it is likely to be in the best interest of all to keep kidneys healthy and happy.

Livelovefruit.com writes that watermelon increases urine flow without putting additional strain on the kidneys.

Watermelon “relieves the strain on the kidneys, while getting rid of excess fluids.”

Benefit # 4: lowers blood pressure

Many people are trying to lower their blood pressure through diet and exercise, but the watermelon should certainly be included in these efforts.

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According to Organic Facts, “The good amount of potassium and magnesium is present in watermelons is very beneficial in reducing blood pressure.”

Benefit # 5: prostate cancer fight

While watermelon then not be used to fight cancer alone contains specific nutrients that fight cancer.

As was announced in Live Science “. The watermelons may be helpful in reducing the risk of cancer through its antioxidant


” Lycopene in particular, has been linked to the reduction of prostate cancer … according to the National cancer Institute. “

for those who already eat a lot of watermelon, all these benefits will come as good news. But for those who do not, just it may be time to add a delicious piece in your daily diet!

you will eat a little extra watermelon this summer in order to reap the health benefits? Let us know in the comments.

Please Party this vital health information with family and friends!

the Did you know that watermelon what you’re doing to your blood pressure, heart and kidneys? first appeared in Nature Health and beauty .

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