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Did Linus Pauling Really Get It Right Regarding Vitamin C’s Healing Powers?


By Paul A . Philips

vitamin C is known for its healing powers having a multiple of health benefits. health benefits include its ability as an antioxidant to absorb free radicals hungry electron able to do much oxidative damage in the body in the long term. Therefore, vitamin C has an effective role in disease prevention and reduced aging.

Vitamin C, an important co-factor involved in vital metabolic processes in the body also contributes to wound healing, tissue repair, healthy teeth and bones, helps iron absorption, makes the fat energy available through the manufacture of carnitine, is involved in the production of good connective tissue, promotes heart health and more …

vitamin C as a cure for heart disease

One of the most respected scientists of all time twice winner of the Nobel Prize biochemist Linus Pauling (1901-1994) I was very aware of vitamin C and its involvement in making a good connective tissue and had been subpoenaed to promote heart health.

He hypothesized that heart disease is the result of developing scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) long term. Thus, through experimentation, he devised a unified approach to the cure of heart disease method; a therapy that involves high doses of vitamin C (up to 6 g per day) -40-60mg RDA is the amount needed to prevent scurvy guide.

Despite the claim of Pauling to The success of therapy The reaction of conventional medicine was one flat rejection, claiming that Pauling, despite a great scientist, was outside their field of expertise …

That was the story end in terms of vitamin C for the recognition of conventional medicine as a cure for heart disease, until recently:

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Pauling regularly took vitamin C and lived until he was 93 years old. Now, some 20-odd years after his death there has been a recent explosive interest in their vitamin C and healing powers. This flurry of interest will eventually prove that Pauling was right after all?

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Dr. Balz Frei a nutritionist and researcher at Harvard University has been very interested in antioxidant power of vitamin C . He is aware of its role in preventing and reversing degenerative diseases caused by oxidation, as in the case of heart disease.

Research at the University colleague from Los Angeles (UCLA) suggests that Pauling did it right. Guided by Dr. James Engstrom at UCLA a large 10-year study shows that men in daily doses of 800 mg of vitamin C (a little more than 13 times the recommended daily dose) had significantly reduced heart disease and he lived 6 years longer than the RDA guideline of 60 mg.

Vitamin C and anti-cancer

Linus Pauling properties also claimed that vitamin C could destroy cancer. Another statement from his rest was spent by conventional medicine, considered as heresy, but we will see some of the investigations conducted by others in the anti-cancer properties of cancer 😕 It is claimed Pauling

had been established that cancer patients particularly those in the last stages were deficient in vitamin C. However, through pioneering research Dr. Hugh Riordan discovered that high doses of vitamin C intravenously in patients had the effect of destroying cancer cells.

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At high doses of uptake summary, vitamin C for cancer cells has the net effect of intracellular hydrogen peroxide that causes the accumulation of cells to destroy themselves from the inside out.

Cancer cells can cope with this low, but this makes high doses of vitamin C intravenously with a effective and non-toxic chemotherapeutic agent.

Riordan research offers an explanation of why vitamin C levels were deficient in cancer patients. It is suggested that vitamin C levels were depleted due to absorption by cancer cells: During the capture of cancer cells with vitamin C mistook for glucose as both have very similar molecular forms. The glucose molecule is necessary for cancer cell for metabolism.

This research has been funded by other researchers as Dr. Ronald Hunninghake. Moreover, from research in the Lewis Cantley based in New York Weill Cornell, where he found that high doses of vitamin C helps kill colorectal cancer cells.

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Despite the success, as with heart disease, the FDA does not recognize the effectiveness of high doses of vitamin C as a cure for cancer. Some have accused the scientific community of corruption to discredit the work of Pauling on vitamin C treatment healing powers because its cheap, natural, non-toxic had been perceived as too much of a financial threat by the medical / pharmaceutical establishment. To stop getting worldwide recognition there was a deliberate and lower distortion of the experimental protocol used Pauling to discredit him?

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