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Developed a system that converts body heat into usable electricity

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new system that can convert the heat emitted by the body into usable electricity.

The system uses thermoelectric generators, or TEG, to create energy from the temperature difference between the user’s body and the air around them.

While previous attempts at a matrix style of human battery used, heat sinks low bulky performance to store body heat, TEG generate 20 times more than the juice while being more comfortable and lightweight .

The use of a polymer that can be applied to the skin and fabric, the TEG system can generate up to 20 W per square centimeter, which means greater coverage that could provide more power, depending on where you are.

Practical applications

partially developed with the Center for Nanosystems Research Engineering at the National Science Foundation for Advanced Sensor Systems and technologies integrated self-powered (whew) TEG system was designed primarily for medical devices.

“The goal […] is to make portable technologies that can be used for monitoring the long-term health, such as devices that monitor the health of the heart or monitor physical and environmental variables to predict and prevent asthma attacks, “says Daryoosh Vashaee, associate professor in NC state professor. “To do that, we want to make devices that do not rely on batteries.

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would take some serious refinement, but would like to see a powered by body heat making their way to trade, such as a SmartWatch could go ahead with only sapping your body temperature battery products. It is a pity that we would probably also have to build a sweat first, huh?

Best Image Credit: of North Carolina State University

Courtesy: techradar.com

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