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Deskercises For Those Stuck At Their Desks

Have you noticed: always have time for lunch. Everyone knows when a bag of chips open debate at work or at home (even your dog runs to the place!).

But unfortunately the opposite is true for exercise. The long-standing excuse all the books that do not perform reads: “Do not have the time for it!”

and we are happy sitting at our desks all day – eating occasionally (not always healthy!) – Working. We’ve all heard how to be is the new smoking.

is a laughing matter. It is frightening and unjust (all non-smokers feel cheated!). A recent study suggests that sedentary activities (also known as sitting) may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

And combine work and long commutes hardly leaves any time to exercise, you agrue and we agree. However, the second best option is to use a part of the reception time (on average we spend at least 8 hours!) For quick exercises.

We bet you did not think would be possible? But it is. His taco is increasingly feeling creep into boredom or feel a drop in energy – insert exercise there. The funny thing is that not necessarily have to get away from your desk. Furthermore, it is instant!

Let’s start with stretching.

15 Stretches to do on your desktop

We “d advise a little caution, with the section that you have to lift weights, ensure that blocks the wheels of his chair – I would not want it to fall from the chair

provided in these yoga poses

you read that right, yoga at your desk..!

yoga at your desk

And do not forget those dolls that are writing busy all day, here’s a little stretching routine to keep syndrome carpal tunnel at bay.

hand, wrist and forearm stretch

what we like about this form of exercise is that it fits like a glove in our daily labor of my eyes no routine intervention and is a great equalizer. “How?” He asks. These sections can be performed by each – .. Even the I-am-not-a-gym-person

Once these sections done, stand up and take a walk

Go until the water cooler, a glass of water (when was the last time you drank water?) is achieved. Or standing by his desk for a couple of minutes after every 10 (20!) Minutes of sitting down. And ready! Your body will thank you for these easy and quick exercises (that make you feel good too!).

While these exercises are good, do it yourself, you can also get your colleagues to participate, it’s fun, Pisan us – try it out! Therefore, it is not only good for you, some collective exercise brings on the laughter. And we could all use some good cheer in the workplace.

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