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Dental fillings may harm your brain, heart and kidney

People who advise you to take care of your teeth not do it for nothing. According to a new study, people with more than eight dental fillings have a higher risk of brain, heart and kidneys, due to the increased amount of mercury in the blood (about 150% more than normal).

restorationsor tooth surface, commonly known as dental fillings, it consists of dental amalgams -. A mixture of mercury, silver, tin and other metals

Research at the University of Georgia, in the US, analyzed data from nearly 15,000 people and is the first to show a link between dental fillings and mercury exposure.

“Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases. I think most people have experienced dental fillings, but the type of materials used by the dentist is not something that is much discussed,” said the author Lei Yin principal, a scientist at the University of Georgia.

Exposure to mercury dental fillings is not a new concern, but previous studies were inconsistent and limited Xiaozhong said Yu, assistant professor at the University of Georgia.

“This study is trying to provide the most accurate exposure levels, which will form the scientific basis for assessing future risk,” Yu said.

was the first study to control for age, education, ethnicity, race, sex, smoking and consumption of seafood, which also contributes to the mercury levels in the body, he said.

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Researchers analyzed additional exposure for specific types of mercury and found a significant increase in methylmercury, which is the most toxic form, related to dental fillings.

Yu said that this result suggests that human intestinal microbiota, a collection of microorganisms that live in the intestines, can transform different types of mercury.

Dental amalgam has been the go-to dental filling material for more than 150 years, since it is profitable and durable.

However, about half of the compound containing mercury, a heavy metal known to be toxic at high levels, causing the brain, heart, kidney, lung and damage to the immune system. unnamed (3)

New research suggests that methylmercury can cause damage even at low levels.

“As toxicologists, we know that mercury is a poison, but it all depends on the dose. If you have a dental filling, maybe it’s fine. But if you have more than eight dental filings, the potential risk of adverse effects is greater, “Yu said.

People with numerous dental fillings that are also exposed to mercury from other sources, such as seafood or work environments are at increased risk.

The results show that individuals with more than eight fillings were about 150% more mercury in their blood than those who have none.

The study also examined dental composite resins, a free alternative to mercury dental fillings can release small amounts of bisphenol A can cause developmental damage or playback.

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The research appears in the journal Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety.

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Study: University of Georgia in the US

lead author Lei Yin

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