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Dental Care: Everything About Flossing That Your Dentist Wont Tell You

If you have been reprimanded for poor dental hygiene, simply because flossing is not used every day they have reason to celebrate. A recent report revised years of research found that there is little evidence to support the use of dental floss. So, the next time your girlfriend or boyfriend (just to avoid gender bias!) That reprimands for not flossing, you can flash your pearly whites and share this item with him / her!


dental hygiene: The Truth About Dental Floss

“regular flossing still appears as a of the key strategies for maintaining dental hygiene “

for years, dental floss has been touted as an effective protection against dental disease, including diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis. Regular use of dental floss is, in fact, still appears as a key to maintaining dental hygiene, recommended by dentists and public health agencies alike strategies. While it pays to listen to your health care providers and government health warnings , in this case you can gloat over their indifference to the standard practice of dental hygiene!

“In some cases, the studies were designed actually businesses silk themselves, showing a clear conflict of interest”

conclusions of an investigative journalist on the benefits of flossing (if any!)

Jeff Donn, the investigative reporter with Associated Press , she decided to do a little research, walking through the medical literature and even filing a request for information with the federal government for scientific evidence to support the recommendations of flossing.

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His team analyzed the findings of the studies that have been published in the last decade, mainly focusing on 25 documents that examined the dental health of patients using toothbrushes and floss , in contrast to those only brushing. They found that almost all studies show no evidence of the benefits of flossing were weak and unreliable, often with the possibility of bias. In some cases they found that The studies were actually designed silk companies themselves, showing a clear conflict of interest.

While flossing can not help promote oral hygiene, don ‘t be quick to dismiss any recommendations about dental care. Practices such as gargling, using mouthwash and brushing teeth regularly are absolutely unavoidable if we want to protect those pearly whites

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August 21, 2016

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