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A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and contains rich amounts of beneficial bacteria that help fight infections and maintaining a normal pH level . A healthy vagina also secrete small amounts of discharge to keep clean, as well as saliva produced to help clean the mouth. Any interference with these normal conditions and can cope with vaginal irritation or infection. Here’s how to maintain your healthy vagina.

her vagina really (really) want to read THIS!

clean very well

The vulva naturally secretes thick oils that protect the delicate skin secretions and friction is exposed to on a daily basis. Scrubbing oils with aggressive cleaning products (think liquid soaps or showers with dyes, fragrances or surfactants), and vulva will be more prone to irritation. What’s worse, you remove the good bacteria that help maintain a healthy pH and make room for odor- causing bacteria and infection to enter. So it simple and clean your vulva with warm water, by hand, then let it be.

USE Feminine hygiene products

Products claiming to clean, deodorize, and groom the area is best left in the pharmacy. Fragrances, dyes, chemicals, preservatives and anesthetics containing anti-itch are not necessary, and can cause allergic reactions. vulvar skin is very sensitive because it is thinner than the skin on other parts of the body. All you really need? You guessed it-water, says Libby Edwards, MD, chief of dermatology at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

have not discovered VASELINA

irritated vulva? Hydrate, Edwards suggests. Like other spots on her body, her vulva can dry, even if you have not gone through menopause yet. But they do not reach a normal body lotion, which is usually filled with drying alcohol and fragrances that cause irritation. Try a small point of basic petroleum jelly such as Vaseline, which is free of fragrances, alcohol and preservatives.

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Wear cotton underwear or IR COMMAND

Regarding the selection of underwear, vagina has a preference: cotton. That is why most underwear comes with a thin strip of cotton fabric in the crotch. Since breathes and absorbs moisture, which is ideal to dress their female parts way, says Mary Jane Minkin, M. D., clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale University. And when you’re lying in the house, please go command so you can let things be aired, Minkin says. Not just the gym sans undies go, because you’ll want that extra layer between the user and germy gym equipment.

shaves (or wax, depilatories USE OR)

Most of us store our razor in the shower, a warm and moist environment where bacteria can multiply. That’s a recipe for infection the next time you pricked. But you have to not veto completely your razor: Just use a lotion natural shaving and Pacific Shaving Company All Shaving Cream Natural, which contains none of the irritating chemicals and fragrances that are found in traditional foams and use a brand new blade every time you Shave (try to buy disposable products).

alternative methods of removing hair can get into trouble, too. The harsh chemicals that dissolve hair depilatories are very irritating to the skin of the vulva sensitive. Waxing, if done incorrectly, it can also be risky because you may burn the skin. Your safest bets: laser hair removal or hair cut with scissors small

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your clothes smell amazing

laundry detergent dyes and perfumes can irritate the delicate vulvar skin. Choose detergents that do not contain dyes and perfumes, and skip softeners and dryer sheets, which are loaded with irritating chemicals. They are looking detergents labeled as “free and clear”, which means they contain no dyes or perfumes. An attempt :. Pureturgent extra-soft Smoothing Liquid Detergent, a formula unscented, biodegradable with aloe vera

Work it

By Kegel exercises is crucial to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are key to producing stronger, bladder control amazing orgasms-not to mention. Note to self: Include Kegel exercises each workout


HUG Greek yogurt

Eating yogurt with live cultures helps stimulate the good bacteria in your hoo-ha, which, as you know, is all fantastic for preventing annoying problems such as vaginal yeast infections, says Minkin. Just be careful not being noshing on the super-sugary type because that might make you more susceptible to infections.

always go to an annual review of

Although the new guidelines advise against annual pelvic exams if you are symptom free and are not pregnant, a visit to your doctor, not just poking around their female parts, says Minkin. “I think an annual exam is important to discuss health problems,” she says.

Use this time to talk about using condoms, fertility and sex random questions you may have is as important as checking sexually transmitted diseases. So before switching to your doctor visits, have a conversation about it with him or her first.

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