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Dear Daniela: Is there a safe way to eliminate spider veins?

First of all, despite what you may think, having them has nothing to do with having sensitive or delicate skin. "The most common causes of spider veins are age and genetics," confirmed Dr. David Jack, an aesthetic doctor who treated my mother's spider veins quite miraculously. "While it is true that the paler your skin is, the more likely it looks, having pale or sensitive skin does not make you more predisposed to them. In fact, when people talk about & # 39; thin skin & # 39 ; in relation to spider veins, it is a misnomer. The part of the skin that can be thinner is not the part where spider veins appear. "

Instead, spider veins occur when blood vessels dilate to try to compensate for irregular or restricted blood flow. While certain external factors such as sun damage can make them worse, the main causes are almost all internal. "In addition to genetics and age, high blood pressure and stress can also cause spider veins," Dr. Jack confirmed. "It's not like rosacea in which it sprouts using the wrong skin care. It's more about how your body works internally."

Source: https://www.refinery29.com/en-gb/how-to-get-rid-of-thread-spider-veins

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