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DEA Ridiculed: American Epilepsy Society Announce Cannabis Extract Obliterates Epileptic Seizures in Children

Numerous more detailed studies confirm the medical efficacy of marijuana, despite the arrogance by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), which refuses to remove it from schedule 1 of the Control Substance Act (CSA).

The DEA rejected two petitions on August 11, 2016, the first one from the governors of Rhode Island and Washington, and the other from a resident of New Mexico, which demanded the removal of this plant from Schedule I of the CSA.

It would have ensured that official scientific research is carried on marijuana, across the United States. Yet, the DEA continues to claim that marijuana has high abuse potential, high safety concerns, no medicinal capacity, and no available scientific research has proven the opposite.

However, these attitudes angered Washington state officials, who claim that the state will confront the federal ban on issuing licenses to laboratories to grow this plant for scientific studies.

Additionally, two researchers from the University of Georgia conducted a study, published in the journal Health Affairs, which showed the medicinal and economic benefits of marijuana.

Researchers proved that in 2013, the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes has helped Americans save $165.2 million in medical care costs.

Also, the American Epilepsy Society (AES), a medical charity in Illinois, at their annual meeting, announced that it supervised a study on the plant, which was later accepted in the online journal.

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In the study, researchers confirmed that marijuana effectively cures seizures, especially in children. This study was the biggest one ever conducted showing marijuana is able to cure seizures.

It showed that a non-psychoactive extract of cannabis known as Cannabidiol (CBD), can provide the best effects in the treatment, especially in children.

Statistics shows that epilepsy affects one in 26 Americans at some point in life, and one-third of them suffer from a form of the condition that resists treatment or effective management. Yet, children and young adults are especially susceptible to epilepsy.

The study involved 261 patients who received CBD treatment. As much as 45% of them experienced a significant reduction in the frequency of seizures, while the seizures were completely cured in 9% of them after a 3-month use of CBD.

According to the researcher, some children continued to benefit from treatment even after the end of the study.

Dr. Orrin Devinsky, the lead author of the study, announced:

“In the subsequent periods, which are very encouraging, 9 percent of all patients and 13 percent of those with Dravet Syndrome epilepsy were seizure-free. Many have never been seizure-free before.”

Numerous stories of the amazing health benefits of CBD in the case of treatment- resistant epileptic seizures in children were covered by The Free Thought Project in the past.

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Nowadays, science confirms that cannabis can provide miraculous effects in the treatment of severe conditions and illnesses. To satisfy the need for more scientific research on marijuana, numerous experts believe that the DEA and the federal government should lift its ban.

Dr. Devinsky added:

“As a practitioner, I have had families move to Colorado, and many tried multiple different products. As a doctor, I often don’t feel like I know which of many factors is contributing to a patient doing better or worse. We absolutely need rigorous, scientific data on this”.

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