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Dangerous Reason! Why You Should Never Keep Eggs In The Refrigerator!

Most of us tend to keep eggs in the refrigerator ignoring danger to our health and family.

The studies showed that eggs kept in cold areas contributes to bacteria that contaminate the skin to stay alive among these bacteria is salmonella, which is harmful to health.

despite refrigerators come with an egg tray laying eggs on what really makes them degenerate faster. Once preserved lead to the refrigerator bacteria

Once the eggs are stored in the refrigerator, which can absorb odors from other nearby foods such as medium onions, strong cheeses and other stinkers is kept in the fridge.

Salmonella when in cold places tend to multiply rapidly contaminating everything that is in the refrigerator, for this reason, it is important to maintain this battery reach this place.

[19459012Expertos] stated that if the egg broke in a pan straight from the fridge and cook until it looked OK, the yolk only be warmblooded and from buds at the time were sometimes they contaminated with salmonella which could be harmful.

always keep eggs in their carton

know that many people like to throw the egg carton when they come home, but experts recommend always store their eggs in its original box.


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first, the carton protects the eggs and prevented from absorbing odors and flavors of other foods in strong your refrigerator through the thousands of tiny pores of the eggshell .

Second, the preferred date is always visible to you so you can ensure freshness.

Finally, the eggs should always be kept with the large end up, just as are packaged in the carton. This helps yolk remain focused.

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