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Dad gave his 19-Month-Old Son his Old Canon G12: Here’s His POV

Imagine what life would look through the eyes of a 19-month age!

This small creative individual has the qualities of a good photographer, with its vintage Canon G12 in hand, he’s taking everything and make the most of the beautiful light …

“wandered around the house and garden taking pictures saying ‘cheese’ in everything. He even managed to change the setting to ‘sepia’ in a given time.”

But what is most fascinating is how very small Stanley should feel living in this land of giants, with huge table legs to navigate and super sized humans.

Confirm the practical work of this little fellow below and in “their” Instagram account – Stanley Good work






About the author: Timothy Jones is a photographer based in Bristol, England, is a photographer occupying British army covering West Midlands and Wales. local and national publications with photos and videos for the British Army is offered. He also works as a photographer for professional events. You can find more of his work on his website Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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