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Cultivate Tangerines at Home instead of Buying the Ones High in Pesticides!!

Mandarin is one of the most delicious and popular citrus due to its fantastic aroma and unique flavor.

Not only this fruit has delicious taste, but also has many health benefits. Specifically, it is an autumn fruit that fights inflammation, stimulates the immune system, promotes optimal lung function, etc.

However, very few know that these fruits can actually be grown at home, for example, in the garden or in pots.

also here are all the instructions on how to grow mandarins at home:


Method of Preparation:

For good drainage, make holes in the bottom of a pot that is medium sized. Subsequently, the organic soil should be used and should be tied small stones at the bottom. In addition, for better ventilation, a little sand should be added to the soil.

Then sow the seeds of tangerine, and cover well. However, there must be crushed firmly on the ground.

At least, the pot should be placed in a sunny area.

What should be done also:

A fertilizer that is rich in iron, zinc, and magnesium should be added occasionally to it.

If the soil is dry an inch deep, mandarins should be watered. However, it is strongly wilted and broken branches cut recommended.

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Once the fruits of mandarin gather, be careful and gentle to not trigger any damage.

Therefore, you can finally avoid mandarins fumigated on the market that can significantly damage your health because they are rich in chemicals and enjoy your own mandarins that are free of pesticides!

Source: houseofhealthyfood.com

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