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Crossfit Workouts List for Beginners


Crossfit workouts constantly optimize fitness with different high-intensity movements. There are many exercises crossfit freely available on the Internet that can be done by people who have the zeal and enthusiasm for fitness. Crossfit Inc. is a company that offers an exercise regimen for people seeking full fitness in a measurable and meaningful way. Crossfit daily workouts are scalable to the ability of the ability of the individual.

Before entering cross fit exercises, let’s get familiar with some jargon Crossfit so you can understand better List of Crossfit workouts

  • Box :. CrossFit gym
  • WOD (Training Day) :. Normally only about 20 minutes or as determined by your coach / box
  • AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible Rounds /.): rounds or repetitions you want to complete or you want to complete
  • Per Hour :. is necessary to finish the workout prescribed as soon as possible
  • Score: The number of repetitions / rounds completed in a workout. You are scoring if the additional repetitions track, however, only “complete” if in the next round, but does not end it (ie, 8R + 12 mean a full eight and 12 repetitions rounds in the ninth assault, as time expired) .
  • Rx’d: This is written after your score if you have done all the training exercises without any alteration or modification. (Ie, 16 7R Rx)

Games CrossFit :. The Superbowl CrossFit, where most of the elite of the sport come to compete during the summers to be crowned as the fittest man and woman in the world

Crossfit Workouts List Types of Crosfit exercise
CrossFit Open :. CrossFitters can register online, then compete in a form of CrossFit Game alone or in its box

Importance of warming up before training Crossfit:

A warm up is necessary before any exercise. For crossfit exercises, it is very important because these workouts are intense and require great flexibility. A session of warm train and make your body ready for a training session intensified.

The typical heating time, that most people follow, is about 30 minutes. A good warm up before your workout routine will help you sweat Crossfit slightly and prevents your body “clash of exercise.”

makes your blood and muscles ready for subsequent exercise by actually raising your body temperature. A suitable heating session will be very effective. Muscles also tend to perform better after heating. Your muscles become more flexible, which gives more power to perform various exercises and decrease the chances of injury.

On the other hand, if you start your workouts without a session of warm, your heart begins to strain.

standard Crossfit Warm up:

3 rounds, 10-15 repetitions of the following:

  • Samson section
  • overhead squat with broom stick
  • Sit-up
  • Back-extension
  • Pull-up
  • Dip

can also do warm-ups specific training to help relax specific muscles.

Now let’s look at the list of Crossfit workouts for beginners. A little tip for beginners is that one should not start with complex exercises as it can lead to injuries. Proper training with a coach is also equally important before starting Crossfit training exercises.

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Crossfit exercises are usually very fast with very small intervals of breaks and are very tiring. Therefore, it is recommended to start with simple exercises and then upgrade to the most complex.

Some tips for beginners Crossfit exercises are:

The warmups :. last five minutes, do some push-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers and crunches to get your body going

Half Cindy: 10 minutes, AMRAP. While the total is Cindy for 20 minutes, for beginners, CrossFit workouts include only an average of 10 minutes Cindy. This includes the following points WOD

  • Five pull ups
  • 10 push
  • 15 is air squats.

You may feel very tired the first time and may not be able to do this Wód properly, but do not feel discouraged. This only happens because your body is not used to resistance. But slowly learn how to do push and pull ups without any interference. You can also modify this WOD using a wraparound band assisted pull ups. push-ups can be made at the knees. But do not forget to keep track of your progress.

total Crossfit: This includes the following points WOD

  • Five situps
  • Three overhead presses
  • deadweight

The focus of this training is on the rise. Do not be afraid heavyweight. These weights are only for novices accustomed to lifting weights. These weightlifting exercises only be done under the presence of a coach as they need to be done correctly. Staying safe is the top priority in this training. If you are injured, all purpose of the training will be lost.

Helen: The Helen WOD is a favorite of many. The training includes-

  • Three rounds- Run 400 meters
  • 21 US changes kettlebell
  • 12 pull-ups

This training seems simple but note that the implementation meter 400 should be with a specific speed so you do not exhaust yourself shortly after finishing the first round. Be safe while weights over rocks. In addition, you can modify this WOD using a resistance band around the bar for help.

Crunches and lunges: This includes WOD-Three rounds of three minutes, two minutes AMRAP a break. This WOD is

This WOD is a good cardiovascular exercise. This happens in a style WOD interval; exercise for some time and taking rest and then continue the exercise again. If you find this WOD to be too simple and easy, expand it by adding weights or increase the number of lunges you do. Instead of two rounds that can scale up to five rounds. The best part about Crossfit exercises is that they can be modified according to your needs.

Chelsea: This WOD consists of-

  • Five pull-ups
  • 10 push
  • 15 is squatting

Perform these exercises at the minute, every minute for 30 minutes. It is a simple but very good for beginners exercise. It is not always about the selection of complex exercises. You should always start with simple exercises and update the complex. This gives better results and will prove effective.

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Barbara: This is a very intense workout, so be sure to make a proper warm up


  • 20 pull-ups
  • 30 pushups
  • 40 abs
  • 50 is squats (five repetitions, three minutes between each round).

For Barbara, the time taken for each round is a bit longer. This WOD takes no more than three minutes to complete. This WOD consists of simple exercises but when done together for about three minutes really proves effective.

21-15-9 This WOD rep consists of three rounds. The first round is 21 reps, the second is 15 and the third round is 9 repetitions. Exercises should include:

  • One arm shoulder press pushups with his weight and alterations in the arm after you have finished
  • President plunges with your feet and burpees
  • Relax crab doing a walk before moving on to the next round.

Tabata training: The Tabata training is one of more effective workouts that can burn fat stores in 20 minutes. This WOD named after a Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata. This results in a ratio of 2 to 1 work-rest follows. The time for this routine is stretched out for 20 minutes, followed by 10 seconds rest. This pattern has to be followed by the next eight rounds. This training can be done with the combination determined

  • Eight pull-ups intervals
  • Eight pushups intervals
  • Crunches
  • it Squats

Another combination can be:

  • squat
  • bench press
  • Dead
  • press push: all with a barbell 135 lbs
  • .

  • body weight-gone-wrong: This is typically determined Wód
  • squatting Air
  • Pressup
  • Situp
  • box jump
  • pullups

The WOD consists of three, five rounds per minute. Each of these exercises are performed for a few minutes before moving on to the next. After a full five minutes rest for a minute and repeat the same for a total of three rounds. The exercises in this WOD are rapidly and continuously, which has a good effect on burn your extra fat .

Crossfit workouts list of exercises are very effective in burning extra fat and you should definitely try a crossfit workout routine to achieve their goals. The List of Crossfit workouts mentioned above is for beginners and is very simple and easy to perform. Crossfit is great for people who are bored to follow the same exercise routine every day and gives one the opportunity to really give life your exercise regimen.


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