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Crickets: The New Source of Proteins?

The new sources of protein???

The theory of Malthus, the latest book by Dan Brown: Inferno, WHO … Everyone is talking about one thing:

How the world will be more populous few years and our resources will not be enough to keep this growing population.

The food is mostly going to be a problem, considering how our appetite are also increasing. So far, the only natural sources of proteins that we know are eggs, meat and some vegetables (which are not particularly rich sources of protein). So what happens when we are short of these food sources? Where do we get our daily protein intake from?

Megan Miller, founder of the disjointed food, seems to have found an answer to these questions. However, the answer is not something that necessarily, or even want to consider reality.

crickets. Errors screeching away at night. Yes, those little boys. They are being considered as an alternative source of protein. Bitty food is roast them and turn them into a flour that I do not feel like you’re eating the insect.

The flour has a nutty flavor and can be used for baking breads, muffins, cookies … whatever!

watch Megan talk about his speech and see if you might want to consider using flour cricket as an option, because whether we like it or not, we’re running out of options fast!

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