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Course The Type of Acne

The Type of Acne The term limits fat comes from what Prodcut: Tallow . Under normal conditions, sebums continue vasculars body and reaches the level of the skin. sebum types usually occur on the face, neck, upper arms and shoulders.
If they are in the form of a small black dot his name is comédon and if they are red, large and serious color, their names is pustule. Of course, the guy who is pustule causes more serious problems.
1. hormones (androgens)
By usually they occur when the body begins to produce more androgen hormones. At the age of 14, or about 14 productivity androgen the body is at the best level. And as you know acnes usually you begin to look at these ages. This increased androgen hormones also affects the body’s sensitivity.
2. Excessive sebum product
After fat limits meet hormone androgen, tend to produce more sebum than before. Then they begin to move backwards, so that people skin is becoming weaker.
This is one of the causes of acnes, when the body begins to produce more sebum acnes occur. But if the body can fight back and cut the production of sebum, the risk of acne will reduce.
Course The Type of Acne
3. Bacteria
bacteria are also a cause of acne, especially P. acnes bacteria. Everyone has this type of bacteria, but some of them hurt people and some of them do not.
The bacteria eat the fat and if one has a lot of fat in your body, this means that he also has much more P. acnes bacteria. So we can list the P. acnes bacteria and excess sebum as a point product. If one increases, the other also increases. And Bot cause of acne. This is the case.
4. Our skin type
Our skin defend us against the outside . Also they defend the body temperature and water balance of the body. That makes three layers: defensive layer, which is full defensice blood vessels and other materials, coating layer bazale where new gems are producted and finally other defensive elements.
If all these parts are locked, our bodies would be full of types of acne. In addition, our way Nutirition affects these layers and make them even worse.

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5. genetic factors
acne is also one thing that includes genetic factors. Geneticals factors also affect deeply ANCES. In fact, everyone can experience in your life, but some people are more likley to have acne disease due to genetic factors.
If the father or mother of someone who has experienced in adolescence or in any other part of his life, is more likely to have your son or daughter too. But this does not directly means you have acne problems if your father or mother have.
Science is developing rapidly. acne cure rates are also developing rapidly. We can say today there is no type of acne that science can not cure. Do not panic when faced with acne and do not touch it, too. Go make a visit to the experts. They have ability to solve your acne problem.
The most important goals of healing of acne is the body’s defense against cysts and nodules and prevent the body from its track, which can stay in your body for always. Another objective is shorthen time staying acnes on the face or other part of your body.
Some types of acnes remain in your body more than 10 years. Even some of them stays forever, throughout your life. There are some guys on their acnes. They are types of acne cures, but help get rid of your acnes, sure.
– Right and body hygiene cleaning
Wash your face regularly, but not too much. body cleansing is important, but washing your face too much also dry the skin and worsen acnes.
And, it is important to choose the type of quality soaps because some types of soap, your pH level is low, can harm your face. And some types of cleaning support, such as clay mask can be used. They are also effective and have no side effects.

– pay attention to their nutrition
Yes, we said before, foods generally do not affect their acnes, if not allergic to them. Recent research shows nutrition does not directly affect acne. But, fruits and some nutritious foods help keep your skin well. Therefore, help get rid of your acnes.
– Sleep Well
Sleeping proved to be the best type of cosmetic cure. Because the body regenerates during sleep time. Sleep regulates our body and hormones. Therefore, sleep 7 -8 hours in a day can help you get rid of acne quickly.
– No Face is touched
Most people, especially teenagers are likely to play their acnes constantly. Microbes found in the hand can spread outside their acnes by this age, and hurts your face normally. It is also very damaging to squeeze your acnes.
If you manage your acnes too, they can worsen. And they can also stay on your face for long times. Nobody wants that situation, for sure. You want to get rid of your acnes as fast as can be, but the handle and that is getting worse. This is absurd.
Course The Type of Acne
– a visit to the experts
people generally think they can get rid of acnes in time or some types of healing based on natural herbs are necessary for the acne. Yes, this may be the case, but sometimes it is not.
There are some types of seriours that time cures and herbs can not cure acnes. So in that case you should go to a doctor. They are experts on acne and determine what we should do much better than you can.
– Avoid stress
There is proved that general stress affects acne, but experts think they can. Since stress directly affects our brain and body, so it can also harm your acne.
Try to avoid stress as much as possible. Which not only affects your acnes or general health, it also affects their daily life and other activities as well. If you have excessive stress on you, it can be a little psychologist can help.

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