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Controversial Open-Letter For Maine Mendoza Questioned The Real Feelings Of Alden Richards

As the race of both Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza continues to grow, many of his supporters expected to be a real couple, in the belief that after the long courtship, they will end up marrying each other in real life. The fandom AlDub never fails to touch the heart of the loveteam split screen with your kind gesture and eternal support everything that the two supports, which can be a TVC or a movie . Speaking phenomenal, AlDub is not the only carrier of this title, because their aupporters who called themselves the Nation AlDub was the first fandom in the country to receive an award for being the most influential supporters of some loveteam. Recently, an open-Maine had been going rounds on social media after it was posted on Facebook letter. The interesting part about the letter was when the anonymous sender questioned the real deal between the pair. Most specifically, the true feelings of Alden to Maine. The letter reads:

“If Can you can answer if not good taste Lang at least sabihin ko ko sa Iyo ang nasabi. First, I am one of his avid fans from day one. I remember when I saw you, you were very masungit. I can still remember and Jose Manalo were always fighting, then Alden stepped in and changed his life at this time. But what if Alden never entered the picture? personally do not believe in the word “always” or “destiny,” but I believe in freedom and free will to choose what is best for you. Nothing lasts forever, as I say, my friend, and everything will change. That is the cycle of life. People will change, let’s be realistic and honest with ourselves. With the fandom that has aldub created, it is very widespread, but not the harsh reality If you do not mind, I’d like to do something for me -. Alden ask if he loves you! If you pause for a minute, then you have the answer you are looking for. “ controversial as it may sound, but fans seem to have doubts now about the real intentions of the actor Kapuso in the courtship of Maine. although we all know that their meeting up was accidental, we must not forget because all were written in the script (Source: is offline ).

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