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Conquering my cupping fear and what the world's hottest trend is REALLY like

Since Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, revealed numerous red and circular marks on the back indicating a recent tasting session, people have been fascinated with ancient Chinese treatment.

Stromme of Express.co.uk Lizzie went to the Hart Spa outside Birmingham to conquer his fear suckers.

Walk to the lovely little spa, I began to lose his nerve as the videos I’ve seen from the line of treatment are very painful and people like Phelps come to look as if they had been the target of paintball of someone.

Cupping EXPRESS / Retuers

Cupping has it taken the world by surprise after athletes appeared with red marks strange in their bodies

Upon entering the building I am greeted by the owner Monique Hart quickly put my mind at ease as she explains that there are different techniques and rarely target customers away with their bodies branded with red marks.

After a consultation with the expert windy, we decided to focus the treatment on my upper back as my days riding and countless hours of sitting at the desk, have left me with a backache .

as treatment begins, Monique tells me involves placing suction cups on the skin warmed in order to cut the flow of blood to the area for a period of time.


Cupping involves placing heated cups on the skin in order to cut the blood circulation

My client said the area [along her upper back] was tense and gone darker so there is a problem [area]

Monique Hart

The use of a flame to heat the glass beaker, which puts him on the back and like the air in the cup cools, a vacuum that causes the skin to grow and redden is created as the blood vessels expand.

After just 10 minutes from the traditional treatment can feel my body and my back pain, particularly unwound as the glasses begin to have an effect

Explaining the process Monique says :. “My client expressed in his office area [along her upper back] was tense and gone darker so there is a problem [area].

Michael PhelpsREUTERS

Michael Phelps appeared at the Olympic Games in Rio with numerous red and circular marks suction cups

“When you pop cups along the back, if someone is a smoker or have got different ailments can be seen by the darkness of [marks] in those areas. “

Contrary to popular belief, I can hardly feel anything like the cups are placed in the back and I am feeling my skin being absorbed by the glass relaxing.

however, despite the calm of the treatment solution on me, I can not shake the disturbing feeling that will come out of my bruised, so ask why the Olympic champions have been left with such brutal marks.

Monique attributes of deep red marks Phelps and many of his fellow swimmers to the fact that they have been subjected to more intensive treatment and centered windy area.

powered by pool day after day clearly puts enormous pressure on the shoulders of a swimmer and back, which explains the high concentration of cup marks on the back and upper shoulders Phelps .

hollowing can be used for various purposes and athletes often use suction cups to recover from workouts in tension and to accelerate the healing process of your muscles.

excavation and more efficient, they are left on for a longer period of time creating extensive red marks, Monique says.


Thankfully, the red marks of the excavation were dashed when the blood rushed back into the area

She explains that she rarely allow vessels to red hot drinks to stay for so long .

despite coming to prominence as a result of the Olympic Games, it explains Monique Cupping be used in conjunction with medical procedures because it can be applied to the whole body and can find problem areas.

Monique says a good example of this is a client who has been seeing undergoing treatment IVF.

by increasing the circulation of blood through cupping, Monique has been able to help her as it undergoes the process.

own spa adds cupping is a good alternative to getting a regular massage, as they can work on the spine with the glasses while in a regular massage therapists have to work around the spinal column in order to avoid injury

After treating the back, Monique then said he would put two plastic instruments in the face so it could also be ‘took’

he added :. . “the glasses can also be used as a facial treatment to get oxygen to the face, but they were very soft, as they are plastic.”


Cupping It can also be used as a facial

At this time, my heart rate really began to jump. What if I was with two massive red marks on my face?

But as the treatment came to an end I was amazed to find that my skin was exactly as it had been before the new blood rushing to the area had already erased any trace of treatment cupping.

having suffered the ancient Chinese treatment myself, I can say that is not mysterious miracle cure but delivers exactly what it promises – to increase blood flow to the problems to help muscles recover areas and treatment suitable for almost anyone


Click here for more information about the Hart Spa .

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