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Combating Depression With Yoga

Eagle Pose helps the nervous system to restore your mood and fight feelings of pain.


Dolphin Pose opens your hamstrings and triceps places STASH emotional baggage. Lizard Pose deepens his hip flexibility and offers tranquility. Peddler opener Pose is a powerful heart, and turning it upside down and increases levels of endorphins, which helps fight depression.

Yoga is an excellent adjuvant therapy when it comes to depression. Emotionally it can be liberating to absorb some of the fundamental values ​​of Patanjali Yoga Sutra philosophies as practice.

Posture and Mantra Combos

Purpose ( Shraddha ), Paz ( Samadhi ), mindfulness ( Smriti ) , wisdom ( Prajna ) and Commitment ( Virya ) are the 5 basic objectives of the practice of Yoga. Together, they ensure mind and full body; help calm the residual stress and anxiety, emotions cumulative release of muscles and joints and increase levels of endorphins and serotonin in the body.

Some yoga postures to help remove a disordered mind and repressed frustrations and stress is deleted:

1. Eagle Pose

The Eagle Pose allows your body is in this, helping the nervous system to restore your mood. It helps the release of endorphins penalty and increases levels.

Mantra shradha :. That the past is the past, the present is very clear, and the future is all I dream”

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2. Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose opens the hamstrings and triceps muscles and lengthening the muscles of the spine and deepening its fold forward. These are all places where STASH emotional baggage. The reverse factor calm him and produce an acceleration higher endorphins, faster then a dog upside down or a headstand.

Mantra samadhi :. The calm that comes from seeking – and finding – happiness in the smallest things”

3. lizard Pose

Making lizard Pose for 3-5 minutes on each side deepens its hip flexibility and offers tranquility.

Mantra PRAJNA : I’m not the divine not need to be perfect I’m here as a student to make mistakes and learn This makes me stronger…. “

4. Posture hawker

This opener is powerful heart, as it turns upside down and has the potential to increase levels of endorphins. It is perfect to combat depression.

Mantra Smriti :. am aware of my feelings, honor, and then I will let myself flow off and away”

Mantra is final Virya (commitment). Commitment shows that you are willing to persevere and work towards positivity.

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