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Columbia Asia Good Samaritans Awards: Individuals and Organisations felicitated for their work towards road safety and for helping fellow citizens in an accident.  

According to the World Report on Road Safety 2015, the World Health Organization, India accounts for over 200,000 deaths due to traffic accidents (RTAs). Guilt is to rash driving, failing to obey traffic rules, not using seat belts or helmets, and jaywalking, in India, a precious life is lost in RTA, every four minutes. Thus, in an average of 377 people, including 16 children die every day from RTA here.

One initiative species Columbia Asia Hospitals, in association with the Traffic Police Bangalore, awarded 3 good Samaritans and felicitated other 10 (in the individual category) to help accident victims, get medical attention and save their lives. awards to organizations that have worked on improving road safety were also presented. This is the first annual owned by Columbia Asia hospitals.

“The guidelines of the Good Samaritan are encouraging people to come forward and help the victims without fear of being subjected to any civil or criminal liability. However, not many of them are still unaware of these guidelines. being in the healthcare industry, think of taking a proactive step to ensure that fewer lives are lost in RTA. award Good Samaritan is our first attempt in this direction, “ said Mr. Tufan Ghosh, CEO of Columbia Asia Hospitals

“The whole process of award Good Samaritan was a stickler that began about four months ago. Since we have received several requests from individuals and organizations, who have been good Samaritans. We thank all of them for enlargement his helping hand to save the victims of RTA. after evaluating each and every application, then proceeding to the various instruction parameters, our esteemed panel of judges has selected the best three good Samaritans, who were awarded today and ten others were congratulated, “ said Dr. Jairam Nandakumar, chairman and medical director of the group, Columbia Asia hospitals.

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The presenter of the evening was Ms. Vasanthi Hariprakash a journalist, a radio anchor and a coach of the media . A panel discussion was held on issues relating to road safety and accident victims were discussed and discussed possible solutions. The elite panel included G. Kumar Naik, Commissioner, BBMP; Mr. R.Hithendra, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Bangalore; Mr. Pranay Jivrajka COO, Wave, Mr. Ramesh Arvind, Kannada actor and Dr. Jairam Nandakumar, chairman and group medical director, Columbia Asia hospitals.

G. Kumar Naik, Commissioner, BBMP spoke about the increasing number of vehicles plying on the roads of Bangalore and the state of the roads in the city leading to accidents; and various solutions to improve the situation.

During the panel discussion Mr. R.Hithendra, Second Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Bangalore talked about how accidents traffic is a major concern in Bangalore. He also spoke of the various initiatives BTP is taking to ensure easy and secure movement on Bangalore roads. He emphasized the fact that the Good Samaritan will be helped by the police.

“BLS goes a long way to save lives in emergency situations. The steps we took while attending an emergency can have a deep-rooted impact in saving the life of a patient. Considering traffic accidents and other medical emergencies, ideally, every citizen should be trained in BLS, “ said Dr. Jairam Nandakumar, President and Group Medical Director, Columbia Asia Hospitals.

Mr. Ramesh Arvind, Kannada actor spoke about the role of the film industry in creating awareness of the issue.

Mr. Pranay Jivrajka, COO Ola highlight the fact that car sharing is a necessity today. In addition, all taxi drivers should be trained in BLS to enable them to help victims of RTA.

Mr. Ashok GV TMT Law Practice gave ideas of good Samaritan bill and spoke at length about how the good Samaritan is protected.

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Mr. Jagannath MS. CFO, Columbia Asia Hospitals while thanking panelists, the jury, the media and all who have helped make the event a success noted that every life is precious and no other act nobler than saving a life.

The Columbia Asia Good Samaritan Awards: Individuals and organizations congratulated for his work on road safety and to help fellow citizens in an accident. first he appeared in Ayurveda, health tips women, home remedies, tips Health Care treatment.

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