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CNN Warns – Do Not Eat This Food – Very Dangerous Worms May Appear In Your Body!

Breaking News warns against the consumption of popular food that can seriously affect your health. The thing is that this food may contain the erinaceieuropaei had Spirometra, causing sparganosis, a parasitic life-threatening infection.

CNN published a story of a man infected with erinaceieuropaei Spirometra had after traveling to Asia. Countries such as China, Thailand, Japan and South Korea have the highest prevalence of this infection. After receiving different medical treatments for chronic headache for a year, all of which yielded no results, a British man underwent an MRI, only to be diagnosed with tapeworm be within his brain tissue. The doctors were in complete disbelief, especially after confirming that the tapeworm may have been living there for four years.


Humans can become infected with worms in several ways, one of which includes eating pork. The species found in pork, known as pork tapeworm, infect humans in two ways:

  • when meat from infected pigs that has not been properly cooked is consumed; this results teniasis – A thriving adult worm in the intestines of pigs that can affect human brain, and
  • as larvae through contact with feces from infected human or a pig; this can infect a number of tissues in the human body.

If the larvae enter the nervous system, infection can result in neurocysticercosis, a serious infection of the brain. If the worm invades the brain, the infection can even cause epilepsy.

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According to the World Health Organization, nearly one third of epilepsy cases in countries where the infection is common are the people who have previously been infected with neurocysticercosis.

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