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Cinnamon helps to cool stomach


cinnamon simply does not improve the taste, but contributes significantly in improving health by cooling the body by up to two degrees, according to research.

Research published in the scientific journal reports said that the researchers used pigs for the study and found that cinnamon maintains the integrity of the stomach wall.

“When pigs are fed at room temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) gas increases in the stomach. Cinnamon in your food reduces the gas by decreasing the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin the walls of the stomach, which in turn cools the stomach during digestion pigs, “said Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh, a professor at the Faculty of Engineering at RMIT.

researchers have developed capsules gas sensors that can be swallowed or smart pills, the byproduct of digestion and could provide valuable information about the performance and health of the intestines.

“Our experiments with pigs and show cinnamon how gas sensors ingestible capsules can you help provide new physiological information that will improve our understanding of diet or medication. This is a very reliable device for monitoring and diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders, “added Kalantar-Zadeh

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