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Chukandar Health Benefits of Beetroot

It is stamped so famous and delicious vegetable, which is rare, but largely known because of its uses. Chukandar or beets are mainly in Western countries. It belongs to the family of turnips and spinach. Glucose, protein, iron, vitamin A, H, C, B are its basic components, which make it a very useful plant. We use it in the salad after boiling, but is found mainly in Europe and is used as a sugar source. It cooked as a vegetable and is red. Beetroot gives any to any dish a reddish color specified that looks elegant and is believed to be one thing beautiful lining of food is a point in increasing appetite. Therefore, it can be said that beet is a vegetable.

Hazrat Um-ul-Manzar (A.S) says that one day (Prophet peace be upon him) came home with Hazrat Ali. At that time few bunches of dates were hanging at home, so it serves both dates, both doubted and denied having these well Prophet said to Ali that must consume these because they just recovered from an illness and feeling weak . Then I cooked bread and beet sauce so the Prophet advised his companion to have this because as a prophet that was beneficial to him.

This advice to Ali was fully authenticated by medical science later. If you look at the composition of the beet you can see a very important aspect of this which contains natural sugar and starch called ‘Nashasta’ in Urdu, after entering the body turns into glucose and helps to overcome the weaknesses.


Beetroot is a famous and delicious vegetable, produced in small amounts, but has a reputation for the unique set of benefits it provides. This beneficial plant grows mainly in the western regions of the world. Beet belongs to the family of spinach. Half his part grows beneath the earth and the earth on remaining or soil. This is used as a plant, but is also used for sugar production, as it has a lot of sugar stored therein. Sugar obtained from this plant is not so much better than the sugar derived from sugar cane, but still people like to use sugar beet.

In our country, it is generally used as a salad or after boiling as it is. It is also used as vegetable for making sauces. Since it is red so if you want to embellish any dish and add a little beet juice can change the dish in the red. Soften chest and pipes veins. This is termed as a healer, as he has elements such as glucose, protein, iron and vitamin A, H, C and B.

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